2016 Report to Membership

AAPM&R Members:

The following Report to Membership features detailed information about the Academy's work over the past year on behalf of its members, and highlights plans for 2017. Have you ever wondered: “What do my AAPM&R dues support?” Read this report. 

Several initiatives launched this year requiring a multi-year strategy, support, and member expertise. None would be successful without your engagement. Your support of the Academy means that together, we can continue to play an instrumental role in advocating on behalf of the specialty and the patients we serve. In the world of physical medicine and rehabilitation, no one else is going to prioritize the needs of all physiatrists and the entire specialty, as the Academy can. However, the unity and support of our entire specialty is key to our success.

2016 brought new opportunities and challenges for our specialty. The same will hold true for 2017. We hope you agree that the work of the Academy is proactive in protecting and advancing the specialty of physiatry. And, we hope you get involved. While the physiatric models of medicine are extremely diverse, they are unified in their overall goals for the patients we serve. We need the engagement and perspectives of as many physiatrists as possible. 

It is a pleasure serving the Academy, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Academy in the years ahead to advance our specialty.



Steve R. Geiringer, MD, FAAPMR

Gregory M. Worsowicz, MD, MBA, FAAPMR
Past President


A Membership Update

In 2016, AAPM&R enhanced the value of membership by giving our members resources to meet current, fundamental American Board of Phyiscal Medicine and Rehabilitation (ABPMR) Maintenance of Certification® (MOC®) requirements.

Your AAPM&R membership now includes:

  • One complimentary self-assessment exam for practitioners (SAE-P) - worth 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.
  • Complimentary access to all Practice Improvement Projects (PIPs) to meet your ABPMR MOC® Part IV requirement.

This value will continue into 2017 and beyond! Renew your 2017 dues, and receive another complimentary SAE-P. ​

To the right is a snapshot of the make-up of Academy membership in 2016. Click here to preview our fiscal status based on 2015 audited financials.

Membership Total: 9,682 


The Environmental Impact

Health care as we know it is changing. The impact? How physiatrists practice medicine.  
Click on the video below to learn how physiatrists are becoming MACRA ready with the help of AAPM&R. 

Regulatory changes are extensive and complicated. Make sure you are educated on these important matters as they will directly impact you as a physician. Our website and resources are a strong starting point for PM&R-specific details.

  • MACRA Emergency Center - Find all the resources you need to understand the regulatory changes and the new Quality Payment Program.

  • The Physiatrist - Your monthly membership newsletter includes stories, perspectives, and best practices. Learn what others are doing to create ideas for your own practice.

Keep reading. The information below outlines key initiatives designed to support physiatrists during these times of change.

What Does the Future Hold for Physiatry? 

Let's not wait to find out. That's why we want your engagement with:


In July 2016, we kicked off a unique and bold initiative to develop a unified vision for the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation—Visioning PM&R BOLD.

We must act now to proactively address the changes impacting our specialty and the patients we serve.

As the primary medical society for the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation, AAPM&R wants physiatrists to be bold in the future health care landscape—as new models are being tested that pay for performance and quality care.  

Understanding the opportunities for the specialty begins with YOU. Through live events across the country, focus groups, site visits, online virtual town halls, and surveys, we have engaged with as many physiatrists as possible before sitting down to determine a vision for the specialty.


AAPMR The Physiatrist-Nov-2016-Infographic-Final

Phyzforum_logoFor the latest updates on Visioning PM&R Bold, visit www.PhyzForum.org and click on the blog.

These efforts will feed into a Summit that will occur in February 2017 where physiatrists from different backgrounds and practice settings will gather to review your input and begin formulating a vision for the specialty. Your opportunity to participate in this initiative and give your insights is running out. Click here to Be PM&R BOLD today!

Once a vision for the specialty is defined, the Academy will align its strategic plan to support the vision and help its members with the appropriate pathways and resources. Information about the defined vision and the steps the Academy plans to take will be shared with membership. Stay tuned!


How Can Physiatry Maximize Its Impact in the Future of Medicine?


In conjunction with the Visioning PM&R Bold initiative, we kicked off a campaign to celebrate the specialty with a unifying message—Physiatry is More Than. 


There is strength in our diversity, but we must be unified as a specialty, especially as we enter times of great change in health care. The campaign encourages physiatrists to complete the statement: Physiatry is more than. We are not just defining the work of the specialty, but showcasing its strengths and addressing misperceptions. We know that physiatry is more than an organ, more than a limb, and more than a condition. Our broad application of care makes us adaptable and impactful, as long as we are unified in purpose. Together, we can use this as a strength in the future of health care.

Visit www.pmrismorethan.org to view stories from your peers and to share your own! Below is a sneak peek. Feel free to share the videos with your institutions and peers via social media (#PMRisMoreThan).

More Than Facebook Page      
More Than Twitter Page 

Volunteers Make the Difference

All of us must take a leadership role during these times of change. We must advocate for our position within systems and for the patients we serve. In 2016, more than 500 Academy members took a leadership role and supported various Academy initiatives. Thank you to all of our volunteers and members who keep the Academy running.

View photos of the physiatrist community coming together throughout the year by clicking on the image to the right.

For optimal viewing of this section, please utilize your desktop computer.

flickr album

    • Aaron Chamberlain, MD
    • Adam Pourcho, DO
    • Adam Schreiber, DO, CIME
    • Adam Tenforde, MD
    • Adrian Cristian, MD
    • Ai Mukai, MD
    • Alan K. Novick, MD
    • Alan Weintraub, MD
    • Alberto Esquenazi, MD
    • Alec Meleger, MD
    • Alex B. Behar, MD
    • Alex Moroz, MD
    • Alexander Feng, MD
    • Alexios Carayannopoulos, DO
    • Alfred C. Gellhorn, MD
    • Ali Malik, DO
    • Alice V. Fann, MD, PhD
    • Allen S. Chen, MD, MPH
    • Alphonsa Thomas, DO
    • Ameet S. Nagpal, MD, MS, MEd
    • Amit Bhargava, MD
    • Amit K. Bansal, DO
    • Amy H. Phelan, MD, DVM
    • Amy J. Houtrow, MD, PhD, MPH
    • Amy K. Wagner, MD
    • Amy M. West, MD, EdM
    • Amy Phelan, MD
    • Amy X. Yin, MD
    • Joshi Anand, MD
    • Andre Panagos, MD
    • Andrea L. Cheville, MD
    • Andrea P. Toomer, MD
    • Andrea Jane Boon, MD
    • Andrew I. Gitkind, MD
    • Andrew J. Haig, MD
    • Andrew Kirsteins, MD
    • Andrew L. Sherman, MD
    • Andrew S. Friedman, MD
    • Andrew H. Gordon, MD, PhD
    • Ankit Patel, MD
    • Anna-Christina Bevelaqua, MD
    • Anne M. Hudak, MD
    • Annie D. Purcell, DO
    • Anthony B.Ward, MD, FRCP
    • Anthony Beutler, MD
    • Anthony Burns, MD
    • Anthony Cuneo, MD, PhD
    • Anthony E. Chiodo, MD
    • Anthony Luke, MD, MPH
    • Arash Asher, MD
    • Ari C. Greis, DO
    • Ariana Vora, MD
    • Arlene Lazaro, DO
    • Armando S. Miciano, Jr., MD
    • Arthur Jason De Luigi, DO, CAQSM, DABPM, RMSK
    • Arthur M. Gershkoff, MD
    • Asare B. Christian, MD, MPH
    • Ashish Khanna, MD
    • Ashwin N. Babu, MD
    • Atul T. Patel, MD, MHSA
    • Azlan Tariq, DO
    • Barbara Bates, MD, MBA
    • Barry S. Smith, MD
    • Ben Kibler, MD
    • Benjamin Carlock, MD
    • Benjamin D. Brusch, MD
    • Benjamin E. Kaplan, MD, MS
    • Benjamin N. Nguyen, MD
    • Bennet Omalu, MD, MBA, MPH
    • Benton T. Giap, MD, MBA
    • Beth Stepanczuk, MD
    • Bittu Kuruvilla, MD
    • Boleslav Kosharskyy, MD
    • Brad Kurowski, MD, MS
    • Bradley D. Fullerton, MD
    • Bradley McCrady, DO
    • Brandee Waite, MD
    • Brenda S. Waller, MD
    • Brendan E. Conroy, MD
    • Brett A. Gerstman, MD
    • Brett Lenkin, MD
    • Brian D. McMichael, MD
    • Brian F. White, DO
    • Brian Greenwald, MD
    • Brian J. Krabak, MD, MBA, FACSM
    • Brian Lee, DO
    • Brian Liem, MD
    • Brian T. Boies, MD
    • Brian White, DO
    • Brian L. Bowyer, MD
    • Brittany L. Bickelhaupt, MD
    • Bruce E. Becker, MD
    • Bruce M. Gans, MD
    • Bryan J. O'Young, MD
    • Bryan Kelly, MD
    • Byron J. Schneider, MD
    • Carlo Milani, MD, MBA
    • Carmen M. Cirstea, MD, PhD
    • Carmen M. Terzic, MD, PhD
    • Carol B. Vandenakker-Albanese, MD
    • Carol Y. Crooks, MD
    • Casey J. O'Donnell, DO
    • Charles A. Odonkor, MD, MA
    • Charles E. Levy, MD
    • Charles Kim, MD
    • Charles M. Dillard, MD
    • Charlotte H. Smith, MD
    • Cheri Blauwet, MD
    • Chiawen Lucy Liang, MD
    • Chi-Tsai Tang, MD
    • Chong Tae Kim, MD, PhD
    • Christian M. Custodio, MD
    • Christina Kwasnica, MD
    • Christine Eng, MD
    • Christine J. Vidouria, DO
    • Christopher Dednarek, MD
    • Christopher D. Reger, MD
    • Christopher Huston, MD
    • Christopher J. Garrison, MD, MBA
    • Christopher J. Janssen, MD
    • Christopher J. Standaert, MD
    • Christopher J. Visco, MD
    • Christopher J. Wolf, DO
    • Christopher Sikorski, MD
    • Cindy B. Ivanhoe, MD
    • Cindy Lin, MD
    • Clarice N. Sinn, DO
    • Clark Smith, MD
    • Craig DiTommaso, MD
    • Curtis L. Whitehair, MD
    • D.J. Kennedy, MD
    • Dale C. Strasser, MD
    • Dallas J. Kingsbury, MD
    • Dana Kotler, MD
    • Daniel C. Herman, MD, PhD
    • Daniel Curry, MD
    • Daniel H. Blatz, MD, MPH
    • Daniel Moon, MD
    • Daniel R. Lueders, MD
    • Daniel Custman, MD
    • Daria Trojan, MD
    • Darryl L. Kaelin, MD
    • David A. Spinner, DO
    • David Berbrayer, MD, BSC(MED), MCFPC, FRCPC, DABPMR
    • David Cancel, MD, JD
    • David Chen, MD
    • David E. Fish, MD, MPH
    • David G. Welch, MD
    • David Gutierrez, MD
    • David Haustein, MD
    • David J. Cormier, DO, DPT
    • David J. Kennedy, MD
    • David K. Harris, MD
    • David L. Bagnall, MD
    • David L. Jung, MD
    • David L. Ripley, MD, MS
    • David Levi, MD
    • David R. Gater, MD, PhD, MS
    • David Russo, DO
    • David S. Cheng, MD
    • David S. Zucker, MD, PhD
    • David Speach, MD
    • David W. Pruitt, MD
    • David Weiss, MD
    • David Z. Prince, MD
    • David Zucker, MD
    • David X. Cifu, MD
    • Dawn Bowden, PhD, GBA
    • Deb Gaebler, MD
    • Debjani Mukherjee, PhD
    • Deborah A. Bergfeld, MD
    • Deborah A. Crane, MD, MPH
    • Deborah A. Venesy, MD
    • Deepthi S. Saxena, MD
    • Dennis J. Keane, MD
    • Dennis Matthews, MD
    • Desiree Roge, MD
    • Devyani Hunt, MD
    • Dexanne Clohan, MD
    • Diana D.Cardenas, MD, MHA
    • Diane Mortimer, MD
    • Diane W. Braza, MD
    • Dick J. Batka
    • Didem Inanoglu, MD
    • Dinesh A. Kumbhare, MD
    • Dixie Reiko Aragaki, MD
    • Dominic A. Jacobelli, MD
    • Donald P. Leslie, MD
    • Donna Huang, MD
    • Douglas A. Wayne, MD
    • Duc Chung, MD
    • Durgi Poduri, MD
    • Durval Morgan, MS, ATC
    • Ed Wright, MD
    • Edwin Y. Hanada, MD
    • Efren Caballes, DO
    • Elena J. Jelsing, MD
    • Elie P. Elovic, MD
    • Elissa J. Charbonneau, DO, MS
    • Elizabeth Martin, MD, MPH, MHS
    • Elizabeth Moberg-Wolff, MD
    • Elizabeth Sandel, MD
    • Elizabeth T. Nguyen, MD
    • Ellen Casey, MD
    • Ellie Jelsing, MD
    • Elliot Roth, MD
    • Emerald Lin, MD
    • Emma J. Nally, MD
    • Eric Levey, MD
    • Eric M. Wisotzky, MD
    • Eric T. Spier, MD
    • Erik R. Ensrud, MD
    • Erik T. Shaw, DO
    • Erin M. Swanson, MD
    • Ethan B. Colliver, DO
    • Ethan Rand, MD
    • Eugene Y. Roh, MD
    • Evan R. Peck, MD
    • Fabiola I. Reyes, MD
    • Faisel Zaman, MD
    • Faren H. Williams, MD
    • Farha S. Ikramuddin, MD, MHA
    • Faye C. Chiou-Tan, MD
    • Felicia M. Skelton, MD
    • Feng Lu, MD, PhD
    • Fernando Sepulveda, MD
    • Flora M. Hammond, MD
    • Frank S. Pidcock, MD
    • Franklin S. Domingo, MD
    • Fred Bagares, DO
    • Fred DeFrancesch, MD
    • Frederick Frost, MD
    • G. Sunny Sharma, MD
    • Gail Gamble, MD
    • Garret S. Hyman, MD, MPH
    • Gary Goldberg, MD
    • Gary P. Chimes, MD, PhD
    • Gary S. Clark, MD, MMM, CPE
    • Geeta Kandala, MD
    • Gene Tekmyster, DO
    • George Forrest, MD
    • George Kevorkian, MD
    • Gerard A. Malanga, MD
    • Gerardo E. Miranda-Comas, MD
    • Gerold R. Ebenbichler, MD
    • Girardo Miranda-Comas, MD
    • Glendaliz Bosques, MD
    • Gloria Liu, MD
    • Gopi Kasturi, MD
    • Gregory B. Park, MD
    • Gregory M. Worsowicz, MD, MBA
    • Gwendolyn A. Sowa, MD, PhD
    • Hamad T. Saleemi, DO
    • Hammad Aslam, MD
    • Hans L. Carlson, MD
    • Heakyung Kim, MD
    • Heather D. Fullerton, MD
    • Heather Hopkins, MD, PT
    • Heather K. Vincent, PhD
    • Heidi N. Fusco, MD
    • Heidi Prather, DO
    • Heikki Uustal, MD
    • Helen Patel, MD
    • Henry S. York, MD
    • Henry Tong, MD
    • Hillel M. Finestone, MD, BS
    • Hong Wu, MD
    • Hyeoncheol Hwang, MD
    • Hyung S. Kim, MD
    • Ib R. Odderson, MD, PhD
    • Il-Young Jung, MD
    • Imran J. Siddiqui, MD
    • Isabel C. Borras-Fernandez, MD
    • Itala M. Wickremasinghe, MD
    • Jack B. Fu, MD
    • Jackie Tran, MD
    • Jaclyn C. Russell, MD
    • Jaclyn H. Bonder, MD
    • Jacob Sellon, MD
    • Jae-YoungLim, MD, PhD
    • Jaime M. Levine, DO
    • James A. Sliwa, DO
    • James Crew, MD
    • James D. Sigler, MD
    • James F. Hewson, JD
    • James F. Wyss, MD, PT
    • James J. Daley, MD
    • James Rainville, MD
    • James Sliwa, DO
    • James W. Atchison, DO
    • Jan Lexell, MD, PhD
    • Jang-Hyuk Cho, MD
    • Janna L. Friedly, MD
    • Jared Worchel, DO, MS
    • Jason Frederick, MD
    • Jason L. Zaremski, MD, CAQSM
    • Jason Leung, MD
    • Jason M. Friedrich, MD
    • Jaspal Singh, MD
    • Jay E Bowen, DO
    • Jay Smith, MD
    • Jean L. Nickels, MD
    • Jeanne G. Doherty, MD
    • Jeannie K. Harden, MD
    • Jeff Bazarian, MD, MPH
    • Jeff Oken, MD
    • Jeffery B. Palmer, MD
    • Jeffrey A. Strakowski, MD
    • Jeffrey A. Strommen, MD
    • Jeffrey E. Oken, MD
    • Jeffrey Gudin, MD
    • Jeffrey M. Cohen, MD
    • Jeffrey M. Payne, MD
    • Jeffrey S. Brault, DO
    • Jeffrey S. Johns, MD
    • Jeffrey Schneider, MD
    • Jeimylo C. De Castro, MD, RMSK, DABRM
    • Jennie Ponsford, PhD
    • Jennifer Baima, MD
    • Jennifer M. Zumsteg, MD
    • Jiaxin “Jackie” Tran, MD
    • Jill R. Meilahn, DO, MD
    • Joanne Borg-Stein, MD
    • Joe G. Gonzales, MD
    • Joe M. Ihm, MD
    • Joel M. Press, MD
    • Joel Stein, MD
    • Joella Beard, MD
    • John A. Pitts, MD
    • John C. Cianca, MD
    • John Chae, MD
    • John England, MD
    • John J. Lee, MD
    • John L. Lin, MD
    • John L. Melvin, MD
    • John M. Lesher, MD, MPH
    • John Metzler, MD
    • John R. McGuire, MD
    • John S. Georgy, MD, MBA
    • John S. Harrell, MD
    • Joline E. Brandenburg, MD
    • Jonathan Finnoff, DO
    • Jonathan H. Whiteson, MD
    • Jonathan Halperin, MD
    • Jonathan S. Halperin, MD
    • Jonathan S. Kirschner, MD
    • Jose Mena, MD
    • Joseph A. Sclafani, MD
    • Joseph Chen, MD
    • Joseph E. Burris, MD
    • Joseph E. Hornyak, MD, PhD
    • Joseph H. Feinberg, MD
    • Joseph Ihm, MD
    • Joseph Volpe, MD
    • Joshua Levin, MD
    • Joshua Vova, MD
    • Julie K. Silver, MD
    • Julie Lanphere, DO
    • Justin Hata, MD
    • Justin M. Burton, MD
    • Justin Weppner, DO
    • K. Rao Poduri, MD
    • Karen Barr, MD
    • Karen Morice, MD
    • Karen Nelson, MD
    • Kat Kolaski, MD
    • Katarzyna Ibanez, MD
    • Katharine E. Alter, MD
    • Katherine D. Travnicek, MD
    • Kathleen Boncimino, MD, MPH
    • Kathleen R. Bell, MD
    • Keewon Kim, MD
    • Keith A. Bengtson, MD
    • Kelly C. McInnis, DO
    • Kelly Cho, MD
    • Kelly Heath, MD
    • Kelly M. Scott, MD
    • Kenneth Hunt, MD
    • Kenneth K. Adams, MD
    • Kenneth P. Finn, MD
    • Kenneth R. Mautner, MD
    • Kentaro Onishi, DO
    • Kerrie M. Reed, MD
    • Kevin A. Carneiro, DO
    • Kevin Bernard, MD
    • Kevin F. Fitzpatrick, MD
    • Kevin Hakimi, MD
    • Kevin P. Murphy, MD
    • Kevin Pak, MD
    • Kevin R. Vincent, MD, PhD
    • Kim Barker, MD
    • Kimberly A. Sackheim, DO
    • Kimberly Hartman, MD
    • Kimberly K. Rauch, DO
    • Kristin A. Gustafson, DO
    • Kunj Patel, MD, MSc
    • Kurtis M. Hoppe, MD
    • Kyle Silva, DO
    • Larry H. Chou, MD
    • Lauren Elson, MD
    • Lauri Bishop, PT, DPT
    • Lawrence W. Frank, MD
    • Leah Concannon, MD
    • Leia Rispoli, MD
    • Leon Reinstein, MD
    • Leonard Kamen, DO
    • Lisa A. Lombard, MD
    • Lisa Huynh, MD
    • Lisa M. Ruppert, MD
    • Lisanne C. Cruz, MD
    • Liza Hernandez, MD
    • Luis A. Guerrero, MD
    • Luis Baerga, MD
    • Lyn Weiss, MD
    • Manoj K. Poudel, MBBS
    • Marcia A. Bockbrader, MD, PhD
    • Maria Reese, MD
    • Marika J. Hess, MD
    • Marilyn S. Pacheco, MD
    • Marisa Flavin, MD
    • Mark A. Harrast, MD
    • Mark A. Young, MD, MBA, FACP
    • Mark B. Hurdle, MD
    • Mark Duerden, MD
    • Mark Dundas, MD
    • Mark Huang, MD
    • Mark I. Ellen, MD
    • Mark Tyburski, MD
    • Mark Zoland, MD
    • Marko V. Bodor, MD
    • Marlis Gonzalez-Fernandez, MD, PhD
    • MartaI Mamura, MD, PhD
    • Martin Grabois, MD
    • Martin K.Childers, DO, PhD
    • Martin P. Lanoff, MD
    • Mary A. Ambach, MD
    • Mary A. Iaccarino, MD
    • Mary Catherine Spires, MD
    • Mary E. Matsumoto, MD
    • Mary M. Vargo, MD
    • MaryAnn Miknevich, MD
    • Matthew B. McAuliffe, MD
    • Matthew J. Grierson, MD
    • Matthew J. McLaughlin, MD, MS
    • Matthew Mayer, MD
    • Matthew N. Bartels, MD, MPH
    • Matthew Smuck, MD
    • Maureen Noh, MD
    • Maurice G. Sholas, MD, PhD
    • Maxim Eckmann, MD
    • Mederic M. Hall, MD
    • Mel Glenn, MD
    • Melinda S. Loveless, MD
    • Melissa K. Trovato, MD
    • Mendel Kupfer, MD
    • Michael Andary, MD
    • Michael C. Geraci, MD, PT
    • Michael C. Munin, MD
    • Michael D. Stubblefield, MD
    • Michael F. Lupinacci, MD
    • Michael F. Saulino, MD, PhD
    • Michael Fredericson, MD
    • Michael Furman, MD
    • Michael Green, DO
    • Michael Hatzakis, MD
    • Michael J. Brennan, MD
    • Michael J. Khadavi, MD
    • Michael K. Mallow, MD
    • Michael M. Green, DO
    • Michael Marino, MD
    • Michael Mehnert, MD
    • Michael Molter, MD
    • Michael P. Schaefer, MD
    • Michael R. Yochelson, MD, MBA
    • Michael Rhee, MD
    • Michael Saffir, MD
    • Michael Saulle, DO
    • Michael Schaefer, MD
    • Michael W. O'Dell, MD
    • Michael Y. Lee, MD, MHA
    • Michele L. Arnold, MD
    • Michelle A. McFarlane, MD
    • Michelle S. Gittler, MD
    • Michelle Stern, MD
    • Miriam Segal, MD
    • Mitchell K. Freedman, DO
    • Mohammad A. Issa, MD
    • Mohammad T. Agha, MD
    • Mohammed Emam, MD
    • Molly M. Fuentes, MD
    • Mona Mirchandani, DO
    • Monica E. Rho, MD
    • Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, MD
    • Mooyeon Oh-Park, MD
    • Naheed Asad-Van De Walle, MD
    • Nam JongPaik, MD, PhD
    • Nancy A. Hutchison, MD
    • Nandita Keole, MD
    • Naomi Lynn H. Gerber, MD
    • Natasa Miljkovic, MD, PhD
    • Nathan A. Yokel, MD
    • Nathan D. Zasler, MD
    • Nathanial H. Mayer, MD, MHA
    • Neil A. Segal, MD, MS
    • Neil Jasey, Jr., MD
    • Nelson A. Hager, MD, MS
    • Nicholas C. Ketchum, MD
    • Nicole A. Strong, DO
    • Nicole F. Hanrahan, MD
    • Nicole Wysocki, MD
    • Ninad Karandikar, MD
    • Ning Cao, MD
    • Nitin B. Jain, MD, MSPH
    • Nneka L. Ifejika, MD, MPH
    • Pablo A. Celnik, MD
    • Pamela Hansen, MD
    • Patricia Hantsch, MD
    • Patricia Z. Zheng, MD
    • Patrick M. Kortebein, MD
    • Patrick P. Spicer, MD, PhD
    • Paul B. Gerrard, MD
    • Paul Lento, MD
    • Paul Ryan Haffey, DO
    • Paul Scholten, MD
    • Peter C. Esselman, MD
    • Peter G. Gonzalez, MD
    • Peter J. Moley, MD
    • Peter A.C. Lim, MD
    • Phalgun Nori, MD
    • Phillip R. Bryant, DO
    • Phuong U. Le, DO
    • Prakash Jayabalan, MD, PhD
    • Prasanth B. (Bobby) Katta, DO, JD, LLM
    • Prathap J. Joseph, MD
    • Prathap Jayaram, MD
    • Pushpa Narayanaswami, MD
    • R. Samuel Mayer, MD
    • Rachel A. Brakke, MD
    • Rachel Welbel, MD
    • Rafael Acevedo, MD
    • Raj Mitra, MD
    • Rakhi G. Sutaria, MD
    • Ramon Castellanos, MD
    • Randi M. Black-Schaffer, MD, MA
    • Ratnakar P. Veeramachaneni, MD
    • Reza Farid, MD
    • Richard Brasington, MD
    • Richard D. Davis, MD
    • Richard D. Zorowitz, MD
    • Richard G. Chang, MD, MPH
    • Richard L. Harvey, MD
    • Richard V. Riggs, MD
    • Richard W. Kendall, DO
    • Richard Zhang, MD
    • Richard A. Frieden, MD
    • Rina Bloch, MD
    • Rishi R. Bakshi, DO
    • Rita Hamilton, DO
    • Rita N. Ayyangar, MD
    • Robert D.Rondinelli, MD, PhD
    • Robert J. Rinaldi, MD
    • Robert S. Jasak, JD
    • Robert. A. Lavin, MD
    • Rochelle T. Dy, MD
    • Roger Rossi, Do
    • Ronald Karnaugh, MD
    • Rosalyn T. Nguyen, MD
    • Ross D. Zafonte, DO
    • Russell C. DeMicco, DO
    • Ryan C. Enke, MD
    • Salvador Portugal, DO
    • Sam S. Wu, MD, MA, MPH, MBA
    • Samuel K. Chu, MD
    • Samuel M. Bierner, MD
    • Samuel Mayer, MD
    • Samuel T. Dona, MD
    • Sandeep Singh, MD
    • Sandra L. Hearn, MD
    • Sanjog S. Pangarkar, MD
    • Santhosh A. Thomas, DO, MBA
    • Sarah Eickmeyer, MD
    • Sarah K. Hwang, MD
    • Sarjoo Bhagia, MD
    • Sayed E. Wahezi, MD
    • Scott Homer, MD
    • Scott I. Horn, DO
    • Scott M. Paul, MD
    • Scott R. Laker, MD
    • Se Won Lee, MD
    • Sean Colio, MD
    • Sean R. Smith, MD
    • Seth Herman, MD
    • Sewoong Chun, MD
    • Shana Margolis, MD
    • Shane J. Burr, MD
    • Shangming Zhang, MD
    • Sharon Gohari, MD
    • Shawn P. Jorgensen, MD
    • Shi-Uk Lee, MD, PhD
    • Soo Yeon Kim, MD
    • Sree Battu, MD
    • Srinivas Mallempati, MD
    • Stacy Suskauer, MD
    • Stephanie Rand, DO
    • Stephanie Tow, MD
    • Stephen A. Nichols, MD
    • Stephen Kishner, MD
    • Stephen Paulus, MD
    • Steve Gnatz, MD
    • Steve J. Wisniewski, MD
    • Steve M. Gnatz, MD
    • Steve R. Geiringer, MD
    • Steven A. Makovitch, DO
    • Steven Kirshblum, MD
    • Steven M. Lobel, MD
    • Steven P. Stanos, DO
    • Steven R. Flanagan, MD
    • Stuart A. Yablon, MD
    • Stuart J Glassman, MD
    • Stuart M. Weinstein, MD
    • Stuart Sharp, MD
    • Subhadra L. Nori, MD
    • Suehun Ho, MD
    • Sun G. Chung, MD, PhD
    • Sunil Kothari, MD
    • Sunil Sabharwal, MD
    • Susan D.Apkon, MD
    • Susan L. Hubbell, MD, MS
    • Susan Maltser, DO
    • Theresa A. Gillis, MD
    • Thiru Annaswamy, MD, MA
    • Thomas K. Watanabe, MD
    • Thomas P. Pittelkow, DO, MPH
    • Thomas Ripperda, MD
    • Thornton G. Williams, MD, PhD
    • Timothy Dillingham, MD, MS
    • Timothy Tiu, MD
    • Todd Lefkowitz, DO
    • Todd P. Stitik, MD
    • Tracey Isidro, BA
    • Troy Henning, DO
    • Vikki A. Stefans, MD
    • Vincent F. Miccio, MD
    • Virginia S. Nelson, MD, MPH
    • Virtaj Singh, MD
    • Vishwa S. Raj, MD
    • Vu Q. Nguyen, MD
    • W. David Arnold, MD
    • Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD
    • Wayne L. Stokes, MD
    • Wei Huang, MD, PhD
    • Weibin Yang, MD
    • Whitney Chouteau, DO
    • Will Anderson, MD
    • William A. Adair, MD
    • William F. Micheo, MD
    • William J. Evans, PhD
    • William M. Jones, MD
    • William Micheo, MD
    • William Niehaus, MD
    • William Rivers, DO
    • William S. Pease, MD
    • Xiaoli Dong, MD
    • Yin-Ting Chen, MD
    • Yuriy O. Ivanov, DO
    • Yuxi Chen, MD
    • Zach Abbott, DO
    • Zachary McCormick, MD
    • Zachary W. Bohart, MD
NOTE: We work diligently to track the activities of our volunteers. If we happened to miss your name, you have our sincerest apologies! Please contact info@aapmr.org and we will update the list immediately.

How is the Academy Supporting Physiatry's Future?

With your help.

We continue to work tirelessly for the betterment of the specialty—fostering camaraderie among a diverse specialty, providing resources to advance our members’ ability to serve patients and advocating for people with disabling conditions.

Additionally, we are advancing the specialty by:

Impacting Quality Measurement

The new Quality Reporting Program reforms Medicare Part B payments and improves care across the health care delivery system. It requires physicians to measure and report the quality of care provided.

In addition to the ground-breaking work related to the Spine Quality Outcomes Database, efforts in 2016 focused on:

  • Commenting on and/or endorsing clinical practice guidelines
  • Collaborating with organized medicine to successfully convinced CMS to relax reporting and penalty requirements for 2017
  • Participating on the AMA Alternative Payment Model Work Group
  • ​Developing Quality Tool Boxes to centralize information on conditions within the purview of physiatry
  • Actively representing the specialty at key events and within forward-moving workgroups. This includes representation at the Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement (PCPI) Conference in Chicago, IL. 
New in 2017!

Click here to learn more.

Diligently Advocating

Read about our 2016 advocacy accomplishments in the December/January issue of The Physiatrist.

By volunteering their time, more than 95 Academy members are advocating for and progressing several initiatives that will help position physiatrists for success in the future of medicine. This year, Academy member liaison representatives have served on a multitude of activities including focus groups, committees, standing committees, and technical expert panels to create quality performance measures and clinical practice guidelines. Thank you to our 2016 liaisons!

Additional work includes:

Supporting Community

As the primary medical society for the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation, your Academy is focused on creating a shared sense of community among our 9,000+ member physiatrists.

  • The Annual Assembly brings 3,000 attendees together to share ideas, exchange experiences, bring innovation into the everyday practice of physiatry.
  • Recognizing conversations can't always occur face-to-face, we recently updated PhyzForum. A more user-friendly platform allows for direct conversations with peers. 
  • Visioning PM&R Bold encourages physiatrists to discuss the future of the specialty together.

Creating Resources

Developed by member volunteers, all Academy resources are designed to position you and your practice for success in these challenging times.


Find peer-developed clinical and practice resources focused on lifelong learning that help assess your skills and move your career forward, many of which are complimentary to you as a member

Look for more practice-related resources in 2017!


The Annual Assembly is the cornerstone of our education and community offerings. In 2016, more than 3,000 attendees helped Move Physiatry Forward through research, top-notch education, and an expansive PM&R Pavilion with industry partners.

Save the date for #AAPMR2017—October 12-15, 2017 in Denver, CO!

Alternative Payment Models

Your Academy is working to develop and promote a physiatry-focused Alternative Payment Model solution for spine care providers that satisfies regulatory requirements, including quality measurement. 

Look for the report in 2017!


Redesigned www.aapmr.org

Recently redesigned, www.aapmr.org is your “home” for everything PM&R. Explore the website to find the content you need to positively impact your patients’ lives and advance your practice.



From the largest PM&R-specific Job Fair to the most up-to-date Job Board, AAPM&R continues to provide the best in PM&R Career Services, including a new “Career Corner” enewsletter that is distributed on a monthly basis. Make AAPM&R your go-to resource for your career advancement needs.


Hands-on education continues to be a focal point for us. In 2016, preconference courses, workshops, and a complimentary Learning Lab: Ultrasound, provided physiatrists the experience to take learnings and immediately apply them to practice.

Education in 2017 will continue to focus on hands-on learning!


Community is key to the advancement of individual careers and the specialty as a whole. In 2016, we launched a rehabilitated PhyzForum, which allows us to interact 24/7 and via email. Sharing best practices, asking for advice, and connecting with each other just got a whole lot easier! 

Multi-Specialty Data Registry

Our new clinical data registry—Spine Quality Outcomes Database—is focused on quality improvement for the spine patient. Use this tool to meet 2017 MIPS reporting requirements and fulfill ABPMR MOC® part IV requirements.


Physiatry's Future is Bright.