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AAPM&R Liaison to Young Physicians Section

AAPM&R Seeks Liaison to American Medical Association’s Young Physicians Section

The American Medical Association Young Physicians Section (AMA-YPS) focuses on the concerns of those physicians under 40 years of age or within the first 8 years of professional practice after residency and fellowship training. The AMA-YPS' major goal is to strengthen the value of AMA young physician membership. The AMA-YPS Assembly, consisting of representatives from each state and nearly 40 specialty societies, meets twice each year in conjunction with the AMA House of Delegates. The Assembly considers resolutions and reports on policy issues, especially those of concern to young practicing physicians, and elects a 7-member Governing Council, which directs the section's affairs.

The YPS acts as the liaison between young physicians and the AMA, overseeing projects and organizing and facilitating meetings. It also provides policy information and develops tools and services important to individual young physicians, and state and specialty societies. The policy-making process and leadership opportunities of the YPS gives young physicians the power to create change and are some of the most unique and powerful privileges of membership.

Since 2011, both the Young Physician Section and the Resident Physician Section PM&R Delegates serve as Alternate Delegates to the AMA HOD. The Alternate Delegate may be called to speak/vote on behalf of AAPM&R in the absence of a Delegate at an AMA House of Delegates (HOD) Annual or Interim Meeting. 

During the HOD meetings, which are usually held in June and November, the Alternate Delegates attend the PM&R Section Council Meetings. The annual meeting in June is always held in Chicago, IL. This year, the annual meeting will take place June 9-13, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago (YPS meetings occur June 7-13). YPS Delegates are expected to attend for the full duration of the Annual YPS/HOD meetings. The interim meeting location changes yearly. This year, the interim meeting will take place November 10-13, 2018 at the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor, Maryland (YPS Interim meeting dates are not yet available). YPS Delegates are expected to attend for the full duration of the Interim YPS/HOD meetings.

PM&R Section Council: The PM&R Section Council is a small caucus comprised primarily of physiatrists who attend the AMA HOD Meetings. It is open to any physiatrist who attends the AMA meeting, including a physiatrist from the Young Physicians’ Section (YPS) and from the Resident & Fellow Section (RFS); any PM&R resident; and any medical student who is interested in PM&R as well as Delegates or Alternate Delegates representing a state PM&R society. The Council is also open to physiatrists who are Delegates or Alternates from other specialty societies such as the American Academy of Pain and Palliative Medicine and the American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine.

The PM&R Section Council conducts 2 working sessions (caucuses) – each convening for about 3 hours at both the AMA HOD Annual and Interim Meetings. 

During the first caucus, this year, held on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 7:45-10:30 am, participants accomplish the following:

  1. Identify who will attend each of the Reference Committee meetings; and
  2. Review and discuss the Academy’s staff analyses of the reports and resolutions, highlighting those resolutions that PM&R Delegates and Alternate Delegates will comment on at the Reference Committee meetings.

During the second caucus this year, held on Monday, June 11, 2018 at 11 am-2 pm, physiatrists who attended the Reference Committee meetings will:

  1. Report on what transpired at those meetings regarding the reports and resolutions that were identified as pertinent to PM&R; and
  2. Decide AAPM&R’s position on the various reports and resolutions that should be articulated at the HOD meetings.

Virtual Reference Committees: The Alternate Delegates are asked to encourage their peers to participate in the AMA’s Virtual Reference Committees which are forums accessed through the AMA website that allow members to provide input on resolutions by submitting comments electronically. Since the House of Delegates uses the comments shared in the Virtual Reference Committees as a resource in developing official AMA policies, AAPM&R members are encouraged to voice their concerns.

Conference Calls and Email Correspondence: On average, the Delegates and Alternate Delegates participate in 1 or less conference calls annually to discuss the expectations and the commitment that is needed to make the meetings a success as well as strategies around certain resolutions. The Delegates primary correspondence occurs, as needed, via email.

To indicate your interest in this opportunity…

Send the National Office the following requisite materials no later than March 26, 2018 to callforvolunteers@aapmr.org:

  1. Brief statement of interest and eligibility with current contact/bio information
  2. CV

Please be sure to put “YPS” in the subject line of your communication to the Academy.


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