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AAPM&R Seeks State Advocacy Subcommittee (SAS) Members

Your Academy is currently searching for 5 volunteer representatives who are enthusiastic about state policy issues and advocacy. AAPM&R is working to implement a new state advocacy strategy to create a formal system to monitor and respond to advocacy issues that arise at an individual state level and have potential implications at the national level. This strategy includes establishment of a State Advocacy Subcommittee (SAS) that will be housed under the current Health Policy and Legislation (HPL) Committee. There is an application process to join the SAS, in which 4 members and 1 chair will be selected. The selected subcommittee members will preferably be from different regions across the United States. The SAS will be expected to provide guidance to respond to state level issues in a timely manner. In many cases, the committee will reach out to physiatrists (including the State President or CAC member) in the effected state for additional information and expertise and decide on an appropriate level of Academy involvement and response. The SAS is charged with identifying state level issues presented in the previous year and what issues may be expected in the coming year.

Initial list of topics to be addressed:

  • Reimbursement issues
  • Scope of practice issues
  • Essential health benefits
  • Affordable Care Act issues (not covered by HPL at large)
  • Procedural and DMEPOS access
  • Pain Management & Opioids

Additional topics and state advocacy issues that fall outside of these core areas will be evaluated by the State Advocacy Subcommittee to determine if any action should be taken by the Academy. HP&L and the State Advocacy Subcommittee will also develop position papers on the most common state level issues so that state members are more empowered to respond and advocate on a local level.

Committee Participation: The State Advocacy Subcommittee (rapid response team) will be a subcommittee of HP&L. One member will be appointed as the chairman of the SAS and will have a seat on the HP&L committee. The Chair will serve a 2-year term and report to the HP&L chairman. The HP&L Committee and Academy staff will identify a 4-person rapid response team, SAS members. The term of service for each member will be staggered 2-year terms, with a goal of having a balanced number of SAS members appointed each year and a diverse spread of members.

Expected Travel: SAS members will not be expected to attend various in-person HP&L meetings. The SAS chair will be tasked with attending in-person meetings and communicating the current work of the group. SAS members may also be asked to attend hearings in their state.

Conference Calls and Email Correspondence: SAS members’ primary correspondence occurs, as needed, via email. Limited conference calls or webinars many also be planned throughout the year, as needed. 

For additional information, please contact healthpolicy@aapmr.org to indicate your interest in this opportunity, please submit the following requisite materials no later than November 30, 2016:

  1. Online Application 

To be considered for similar positions in the future, update the volunteer section of your member profile.