Federal Health Care Reform

The systematic changes occurring in health care are impacting how you practice and how you are reimbursed. Changes are happening so quickly; it’s difficult to keep things straight, especially as you try to remain focused on what matters most—the patient. Depend on your Academy to lead you through the transitions occurring in the business of health care to ensure you, and ultimately the specialty, are successful.

AAPM&R actively advocates for the specialty to ensure that rehabilitation is preserved in a meaningful way as a part of essential health benefits packages being adopted by each state, as well as access to appropriate rehabilitation through plans participating in state health insurance exchanges.

The Academy also works with the Department of Health and Human Services to give feedback on proposed rules of critical relevance and uniqueness to physiatrists and the patients they serve. The Academy will continue to advocate for our priorities as the health care landscape is transitioning on a number of fronts, including: quality improvement, health care delivery, payment reform and accountability, and a capacity for disability and rehabilitation research.

To help educate members on the most extensive changes to physician payment policies in the past 2 decades, the Academy has created 2 short videos—one highlighting MACRA, the other detailing MIPS. View both now to gain a better understanding of these important new health care initiatives.