Annual Assembly 2018

Annual Assembly

What to Do in Denver

Fun in Denver for Everyone!

Denver ParkDenver is situated at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and surrounded by 140 miles of panoramic, mountain views, creating an ideal backdrop for the 2017 Annual Assembly. This young, vibrant city is packed with award-winning restaurants, exciting attractions, and 300 days of sunshine.

To help sort through all that Denver has to offer, AAPM&R has created a custom site for Assembly attendees to plan your stay. Visit for dining options, maps, coupons, and more!
Here is just a sampling of how to enjoy your time in Denver:

  • Snap a selfie with Blue Bear, a 40-foot, friendly giant that looks into the Colorado Convention Center. Don’t forget to tag #AAPMR2017!
  • Stroll through Larimer Square, a trendy block of Victorian buildings with shopping, outdoor cafes, and many of Denver’s best restaurants. 
  • Take a free, self-guided tour through Coors Brewery, and “taste the Rockies” with free samples.
  • Visit Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, a must-see for every music lover. Enjoy the world-renowned concert venue, carved from red rock monuments, while hiking the trails that wind through the beautiful landscape!

Top 10 Denver Fun Facts

  1. Denver brews more beer than any other city in the nation, with more than 200 different beers brewed daily.WYnkoop Beer

  2. Denver has been named the “Baby Boomer Capital of America,” boasting a higher number of baby boomers than any other U.S. city.

  3. Denver has the largest city park system in the nation, with 14,000 acres of mountain parks and 2,500 acres of natural areas.

  4. Denver’s nicknamed the Mile High City because it sits at an elevation of exactly 1 mile, or 5280 feet.

  5. The 16th Street Mall in Denver was designed by master architect I.M. Pei, who also created the glass pyramid outside of the Louvre in Paris.

  6. Denver is one of the few cities in the country that wasn’t built on a road, railroad, lake or navigable body of water. Settlers were attracted to the spot because of the gold found there.Larimer Square_2

  7. Denver is one of the sunniest cities in the U.S., with 300 annual days of sunshine.

  8. Colorado Rockies’ Coors Field is one of the best ballparks in the nation for home runs. Because of its high elevation and the dry air, the balls fly much farther when hit than in other stadiums. The field has twice broken the record for major league home runs hit in a single ballpark in 1 season.

  9. At just over 26 miles long, Colfax Avenue is the longest continuous street in America.

  10. Denver’s bright blue sky really is bluer than many other cities’. Because of Denver’s elevation, the air has less water vapor than it would at a lower altitude, making for a gorgeous sky!