Annual Assembly 2017

Annual Assembly

Interactive Arcade: REMS Playbook for Opioid Prescribing

Wednesday, October 19-Sunday, October 23
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center


Make the Interactive Arcade: REMS Playbook for Opioid Prescribing part of your game plan at the 2016 Annual Assembly!

Opioid misuse and abuse has emerged as a major public health problem. Improper use of any opioid can result in serious side effects including overdose and death, and this risk can be greater with extended-release (ER)/long-acting (LA) opioid analgesics. PM&R physicians are in a key position to balance the benefits of the analgesics against the risks of serious adverse outcomes including addiction, unintentional overdose, and death.

It is critical that the appropriate prescribing practices and patient education is reinforced. That’s why your Academy has developed a highly interactive educational activity for physicians who want to take a leadership role in balancing the benefits of prescribing extended-release (ER) and long-acting (LA) opioid analgesics to treat pain against the risks of serious adverse outcomes. The curriculum is based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-mandated ER/LA Opioid Analgesics Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS).

This complimentary, self-directed, hands-on education experience will combine multimedia information areas with interactive REMS Playbook Scorecard on mobile devices and live theater presentations to teach you how to take a leadership role in safely prescribing extended-release (ER) and long-acting (LA) opioid analgesics. Each section of the Arcade reveals clues to help guide you through an info-scavenger hunt type of learning experience. This Interactive Arcade is worth up to 3 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ and includes the following activities:

Round 1: Interactive video discussing assessing patients for treatment for ER/LA opioid analgesic therapy.

Round 2: Interactive video discussing initiating therapy, modifying dosing, and discontinuing use. Watch a video discussing initiating therapy, modifying dosing, and discontinuing use.

Round 3: Interactive video discussing guidelines for managing therapy.

Round 4: Attend a live patient-clinician encounter presentation demonstrating collaborative practice models.

Round 5: Engage in a fun trivia session in the live theater to test your general drug information knowledge.

Round 6: Test your knowledge of specific drug information through self-paced info scavenger hunt for clues hidden in drug PIs.

The rounds do not need to be completed in order. Tackle them throughout your Annual Assembly experience!

The REMS Playbook for Opioid Prescribing is currently available as an online activity—learn more.

Why is this important to physiatrists? 

PM&R physicians treat a population whose care involves Schedule II and III controlled substances—Extended Release (ER)/Long Acting (LA) Opioid Analgesics. Your Academy recognizes there is an opportunity for physiatrists to make a positive impact in this arena. AAPM&R is a member of the AMA Task Force to Reduce Opioid Abuse, working with 27 physician organizations to identify best practices to combat this public health crisis and move swiftly to implement those practices across the country.

These educational activities are supported by an independent educational grant from the ER/LA Opioid Analgesic REMS Program Companies. Please click here for a listing of the member companies. This activity is intended to be fully compliant with the ER/LA Opioid Analgesics REMS education requirements issued by the US Food & Drug Administration.