Annual Assembly 2018

Annual Assembly

Understanding PM&R: A Medical Student’s Guide to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Saturday, October 14
8 am-3 pm

11875A-2582Learn all about the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, and why this multi-disciplinary specialty is right for you! Medical students who attend this program will hear from practicing physiatrists about the diversity of practice environments within the specialty including the clinical, lifestyle, and socioeconomic aspects. Included in this 1-day event is the Residency Fair where medical students can meet with representatives from several PM&R programs who will provide information about their respective programs and what they are looking for in applicants. 

Why this is important to medical students?

  • Learn and understand the specialty.
  • Opportunity to meet with several programs in one location.
  • Network with peers and attendings.

"I enjoyed attending the Medical Student Program very much and will definitely be attending again next year to discuss upcoming residency interviews with program directors!"—2016 Attendee


  • Morning Lectures with light refreshments.
    • Chairman’s Lecture - David Cifu, MD
    • Pediatric Rehabilitation: Then and Now- Katrina Lesher, MD
  • Resident Panel—Hear from current PM&R residents about what the experience is like. There will be time for questions.
  • Demonstrations of Procedures Used in PM&R Practices.
    • EMG/NCV—Lisa Pascual, MD
    • Spinal Injections—Marty Lanoff, MD
    • Prosthetics and Orthotics—Heikki Uustal, MD
    • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound—Mohammad Agha, MD
  • Residency Fair—Meet with representatives from several PM&R residency programs across the country.

How to Register:

  • Registration for this program is free to all medical student members of AAPM&R. 
  • Not an AAPM&R member? Download a membership application here.
  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • CME credits are not available.
  • For a fee, medical students have the option to register for this program and to attend courses and events at Annual Assembly and the PM&R Pavilion.

Residency Fair

Saturday, October 14 | 1 pm-3 pm

11875A-3033Program Directors: Participate in this year’s PM&R Residency Fair

The Residency Fair, held during the Medical Student Program, allows for face-to-face time between program directors and medical students who are interested in PM&R. It introduces medical students to the specialty and what it means to be a physiatrist, plus the fair is a great opportunity to promote your program.

AAPM&R has presented this free program for medical students at the Annual Assembly for the past 9 years, representing PM&R residencies from all across the country. Last year, more than 175 medical students attended, providing extremely positive feedback on the program. View a list of current participating programs.

Register here if you would like your program to participate in the Residency Fair.

*Faculty and content subject to change.