Annual Assembly 2018

Annual Assembly

Navigating Early-Career Decisions for Success in Physiatry Practice

Welcome, Introductions and Overview
Michele L. Arnold, MD, FAAPMR and Jeffrey S. Johns, MD, FAAPMR
8 am-8:15 am        

Leadership Skills
Jennifer Zumsteg, MD, FAAPMR

  • Involvement in Local Hospital Committees
  • Organized Medicine
    • Alphabet Soup – Definitions and Pros/Cons
    • Why Get Involved?

8:15 am-10 am   
10 am-10:15 am  

Measuring Performance

  • Compensation Metrics – Michele L. Arnold, MD
    • wRVUs, Conversion Factor, Patient Satisfaction, Quality Process, and Outcomes Measures
  • Quality Metrics and Reporting – Beth Radtke & Kavitha Neerukonda
  • Compliance – Beth Radtke & Kavitha Neerukonda
    • EHR, MIPS, Registries, Alternative Payment Models

10:15 am-11:30 am
CV Preparation, Job Search, Interview Skills and Contract Negotiations--Part 1
Michael Laiche, MBA
11:30 am-12 pm            
Lunch Presentation (60 minutes): Working with Industry Partners
12 pm-1 pm
CV Preparation, Job Search, Interview Skills and Contract Negotiations--Part 2
Michael Laiche, MBA
1 pm-1:30 pm

AAPM&R Resources
Annie D. Purcell, DO, FAAPMR
1:30 pm-2 pm 

Licensure, Credentialing and MOC

  • Where to start? – Jeffrey S. Johns, MD
    • Priorities and Timing for Obtaining Licensure
    • Getting Credentialed/Privileges
    • MOC
  • PIP and CQI – Michele L. Arnold, MD
    • Not just about meeting requirements but about improving patient care

2 pm-2:45 pm      

2:45 pm-3 pm

Words of Wisdom for Your Practice
Jeffrey S. Johns, MD, Michele L. Arnold, MD, 
Jennifer M. Zumsteg, MD, Annie D. Purcell, DO, 
Omar F. Selod, DO, Charlotte H. Smith, MD

  • Private/Self-Employed
  • Private – Group (Single Specialty vs Multi-Specialty)
  • Academic
  • VA/Government Employee
  • Medical Directorships
  • Alternative Practice Models- PMR ‘Hospitalists’, Post-acute Providers, Continuum Managers, Boutique Practices
  • Marketing Your Practice
  • Reinventing Your Career 

3 pm-4:30 pm 
Closing Advice/Q&A
All Faculty 
4:30 pm-5 pm 


Faculty and topics subject to change