Resident Members

Welcome to the PM&R family. As a resident member, you are part of a network of other PM&R residents from across the country. Your resident leadership is working hard to provide resources that help you get the most out of residency while preparing to join the workforce. You are now part of a community that has your interests in mind.​

AAPM&R Residency Resource Kit

The AAPM&R Residency Resource Kit was created for you and your faculty to better understand the mission of AAPM&R, and concisely communicate the array of resources and services we can offer you throughout residency and beyond. This kit serves as an introduction of how the Academy serves the physiatry community at large, and aims to increase your awareness of the wide array of resources offered by AAPM&R. ​

The AAPM&R Residency Resource Kit is available for download below:

Takeaway Handouts:

Download and print the below handouts to share with your residency program.


Please distribute and collect completed evaluations​ at the end of the presentation. We encourage you to submit evaluations to or by mail when completed.


If you have questions or ideas regarding the informational resources the Academy offers residency programs, please contact us at​ or call (877) 227-6799.