Quality & Practice

Advancing Care Information

Within the Quality Payment Program, there are 2 paths providers can choose and use to report quality data:


The Advancing Care Information (ACI) category of MIPS, replaces the Medicare EHR Incentive Program, also known as Meaningful Use and is responsible for 25% of your total MIPS score.

If you furnish 75% or more of your professional services in sites identified by Place of Service (POS) codes 21 (inpatient hospital), 22 (outpatient hospital) or 23 (emergency room) you are exempt from ACI. This means your Quality score is worth 75% of your total score.

There are 2 measure set options for reporting. The option you use to submit your data is based on your electronic health record (EHR) edition.

  • Option 1: Advancing Care Information Objectives and Measures
  • Option 2: 2018 Advancing Care Information Transition Objectives and Measures

AAPM&R has created an Advancing Care Information Guide to help members explore the measure set that works with their EHR.

All of your MIPS reporting can be completed using the AAPM&R's Registry.