Quality & Practice

Improvement Activities

Within the Quality Payment Program, there are 2 paths providers can choose and use to report quality data:


Improvement Activities (IA) is a new category in the MIPS program and was created to promote ongoing improvement and innovation. IA's account for 15% of your total MIPS score.

MIPS Improvement Activities Score.

In order to comply with 2017 reporting requirements, eligible clinicians must attest to completing 4 activities for at least 90 days each. IA allow clinicians to choose the activities that are most meaningful to their practice to demonstrate performance. 


To help our members with their IA attestation, AAPM&R has created a MIPS Improvement Activity Guide to help them explore the activities that may be most applicable to the specialty.

All of your MIPS reporting can be completed using the Spine Quality Outcomes Database.