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Step 3: Choose a Reporting Method (Group Practice)

You are in a group practice. You can report PQRS information in the following ways:

  • Registry Reporting is when a group practice of 2-99 EPs reports their PQRS data through a qualified registry. The registry is an entity that collects clinical data from EPs and submits it to CMS on behalf of the participants.

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Reporting is when a group practice of 2-99 EPs report their PQRS data electronically using an Electronic Health Record. Individual EPs have the following CEHRT-based reporting options:

    • Submit PQRS quality measure data directly from the CEHRT or
    • Submit PQRS quality measure data extracted from their CEHRT to a qualified EHR data submission vendor (DSV) who submits on behalf of the EP or PQRS group practice.
  • Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) Reporting is when a group practice of 2-99 EPs will use a QCDR to complete the collection and submission of PQRS quality measures. To be considered a QCDR for purposes of PQRS, an entity must self-nominate and successfully complete a qualification process.  Your Academy is working towards building a spine focused QCDR.

  • Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) Web Interface Reporting is a web-based reporting tool that is partially pre-populated with an assigned sample of Medicare Part A and B FFS beneficiaries; this sample is based on the claims history for the group practice, and contains demographic and utilization information for those assigned beneficiaries. Group practices reporting via the GPRO Web Interface will be required to populate all of the remaining data fields necessary for capturing quality measure information for each consecutively assigned Medicare beneficiary (248 beneficiaries for all group sizes). This option is only available for group practices with 25+ EPs. 

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