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Step 3: Choose a Reporting Method (Individual Eligible Professionals)

You are an individual eligible professional. You can report PQRS information in the following ways:

  • Claims-Based Reporting is when an individual EP reports their PQRS data via Medicare Part B claims. It is readily accessible to EPs as it is a part of routine professional and institutional billing processes, they simply need to start reporting on the Quality Data Codes listed in the individual measures they select.

  • Registry Reporting is when an individual EP reports their PQRS data through a qualified registry. The registry is an entity that collects clinical data from EPs and submits it to CMS on behalf of the participants.

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Reporting is when an individual EP reports their PQRS data electronically using an Electronic Health Record. Individual EPs have the following CEHRT-based reporting options:

    • Submit PQRS quality measure data directly from the CEHRT or
    • Submit PQRS quality measure data extracted from their CEHRT to a qualified EHR data submission vendor (DSV) who submits on behalf of the EP or PQRS group practice.
  • Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) Reporting  is when an individual EP will use a QCDR to complete the collection and submission of PQRS quality measures. To be considered a QCDR for purposes of PQRS, an entity must self-nominate and successfully complete a qualification process.  Your Academy is working towards building a spine focused QCDR.

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