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AAPM&R Member Councils: Your Voice in Your Academy

Member Councils are not only your member communities, they are your voice in your Academy. Councils provide an opportunity for members who share clinical interests to network, collaborate, and exchange best practices.

Council leaders identify the primary needs of the membership and share that information with the Academy Board, putting best strategies in place to ensure dynamic communication between Academy members and the leadership.

Academy Member Councils

Central Nervous System Rehabilitation encompasses injuries to the central nervous system, including traumatic and non-traumatic onset, and associated sequelae.

General and Medical Rehabilitation covers rehabilitation for the medically complex, including rehabilitation of major trauma, acquired cardiovascular, pulmonary, oncology, and pulmonary disorders, geriatrics, amputation and burns.

Musculoskeletal Medicine comprises musculoskeletal and spinal column disorders associated with occupational and sports injuries and age-related dysfunction.

Pain Medicine/Neuromuscular Medicine embodies chronic painful conditions involving the central and peripheral nervous systems and musculoskeletal system, either traumatic, non-traumatic or acquired.

Pediatric Rehabilitation/Developmental Disabilities involves the care of childhood onset disabilities from birth through adulthood.

The Physiatrist in Training Council (PHiT) consists of all AAPM&R resident members. It is the resident community within your Academy.

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