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The Academy’s non-clinical, or social focused groups are called Community Networks. Community Networks are social focused groups that can network at Annual Assembly or online through the Academy’s PhyzForum discussion boards. Members have the flexibility of selecting or changing their enrollment in a Community Network at any time by calling the Academy’s national office at (847) 737-6000. If you do not see a Community Network listed below that fits your needs, please contact the Academy at memberservices@aapmr.org or by calling the Academy at (847) 737-6000.

African American Physiatrists

A virtual forum that discuss the concerns and needs of African American physiatrists.

Cancer Rehabilitation Physiatrists

A virtual forum for physiatrists specializing in cancer rehabilitation to share information, exchange ideas, discuss new treatments, and establish a network of peers.

International Rehabilitation Medicine

A virtual forum for the exchange of ideas, information and opinions regarding the practice of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation overseas.

Physicians with Disabilities

A virtual forum to exchange resources and information to fellow physiatrists on methods for practice with various disabilities.

Practice Technology

A virtual forum to exchange information, dissemination of technical knowledge, and the development of applications relevant to computer use in clinical, administrative, and academic activities.


A virtual forum for physiatrists engaged in research to exchange information and ideas, to facilitate collaboration in research activities, and to advocate for funding and training in rehabilitation research.

Rural Physiatrists

A virtual forum to share information, knowledge, skills which are integrated to the successful practice of physiatry in a rural environment.

VA Physiatrists

A virtual forum for members who are involved in work at the facilities operated by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs that provide care for veterans, their eligible spouses and dependants.

Women Physiatrists

A virtual forum for women physiatrists to exchange ideas, establish networks, and mentor leadership skills. 

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