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FAQ's: Council Leadership Nomination Process

  1. How does the AAPM&R council leadership nomination process work and who has input?

    The process for nominating AAPM&R members to council leadership is detailed in Section D of the council charter. Nominations are within the purview of the Nominating Committee, who presents a slate to the Board of Governors for its consideration and approval.

  2. Who selects the council leaders?

    The Nominating Committee solicits recommendations for council leader positions from the council membership. The Nominating Committee consists of the Council's immediate past Chair, the current Chair, and the Academy's President, President-Elect and Vice President. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of candidates to the Board of Governors. The Board may either accept the Slate as presented or approve an alternative slate.

    Nominees must fulfill certain requirements, including completion of a nomination ballot and a volunteer agreement and conflict of interest disclosure form if selected. Criteria considered include special expertise in a clinical area, geographical and demographic balance of the council and an individual's leadership potential.

  3. Can I nominate myself or a colleague?

    Yes to both. All nomination ballots must be completed and submitted during a certain time period and are only accepted electronically. If you nominate a colleague, then that person is required to submit a self-nomination ballot to confirm interest. Any individual wishing to volunteer themselves for council leadership service must complete a self-nomination ballot.

  4. What factors or traits are considered by the Nominating Committee when deciding who should serve as a Council leader?

    A Council executive committee, as defined by the Charter, will only have five members. Therefore, the first task is to define the number of vacancies that will arise each year. Thereafter, the Nominating Committee will solicit recommendations for council leadership nominations from the Academy's membership. Attention is given to an individual's ability to devote the requisite amount of time to serving on the Council; AAPM&R leadership strives to maintain a balance on each council of experienced/junior members, area of care, geographical and demographic representation and a prospective member's leadership potential.

  5. Are resident members eligible for council leadership appointments?

    No, however resident members are welcome to participate in other council activities.

  6. What is the timeline leading up to council leadership nominations?

  7. April The call for council leadership nominations is open. Colleague and self-nomination ballots are available on the AAPM&R website beginning in early April.
    May The nominations period is closed and the colleague and self-nomination submission vehicle on the website is deactivated. No submissions may be received after May 7.
    Nominating committees meet to certify the qualifications of all candidates for nomination.
    June Nominating Committees proposed slate is presented to the Board of Governors for consideration. BOG notifies Nominating Committees of any potential conflicts or slate changes.
    July BOG approval letters are sent to council leadership.
    August Board approved final slates are posted to the Academy’s website.
    September Deadlines for petitions of alternative slates may be presented to the Academy’s Secretary and Executive Director no less than 30 days prior to the Council annual business meeting (October 25, 2018).

  8. How long do Council leaders serve?

    Council leadership terms are outlined in Section C of the Charter. The Chair shall serve a two-year term, and may not serve consecutive terms as Chair. The Chair-Elect shall serve a two-year term. The Education, Communications, and Membership Vice-Chairs shall serve a three-year term and may not serve more than one term in their respective positions.

  9. So if I’m interested in serving as a council leader, or know someone else who is, what are the next steps?

    Complete and submit the nomination ballot(s) on the Academy’s website to be considered by the Nominating Committee. Please take into consideration other commitments and obligations that you or your colleague may have and whether there is time to devote to volunteer service of the Academy.