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Academy Leadership Program Candidates

The Academy Leadership Program Selection Committee works hard on its difficult task of choosing 10 candidates for each class, and each has been determined and exceptional beyond expectations. We look forward to seeing all of their successes and accomplishments!

2017-2019 Class

Ashley Beninga_2Angela Beninga, DO, FAAPMR

Shepherd Center


David Cheng_2David S. Cheng, MD, FAAPMR

Rush University Medical Center/Midwest Orthopaedics


Sarah Eickmeyer_2Sarah M. Eickmeyer, MD, FAAPMR

University of Kansas Medical School


Keith Foster_2Keith J. Foster, MD, MBA, CPE, FAAPMR

Memorial Rehabilitation Institute


Sarah Hwang_2Sarah Hwang, MD, FAAPMR

University of Missouri


Ninad Karandikar_2Ninad Karandikar, MD, FAAPMR

VA Palo Alto/Stanford University


Lennox McNeary_2Lennox McNeary, MD, FAAPMR

Carilion Clinic


David Reece_2David E. Reece DO, FAAPMR

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center


Clarice Sinn_2Clarice Sinn, DO, MHA, FAAPMR

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


Eric Wisotzky_2Eric Wisotzky, MD, FAAPMR

MedStar National Rehabilitation Network



2015-2017 Class

This unique and impressive class will continue the commitment of taking talents and intensive leadership training to key volunteer positions of influence.

Burr_2Shane Burr, MD, FAAPMR

The Physician Network
Reimbursement and Policy Review Committee


Carayannopolous_2Alexios Carayannopoulos, DO, FAAPMR

Comprehensive Spine Center
Evidence Committee


Desai_2Mehul Desai, MD, MPH, FAAPMR

International Spine, Pain & Performance Center
Corporate Relations Committee


Gelfius_2Carl Gelfius, MD, FAAPMR, FAANEM

Ohio State University
Health Policy & Legislation Committee


Layne-Stuart_3Corinne Layne-Stuart, DO, FAAPMR

West Virginia University
Program Planning Committee


Purcell_3Annie Purcell, DO, FAAPMR

Redding Spine & Sports Medicine
Chair, Reimbursement & Policy Review Committee


Radecki_2Jeffrey Radecki, MD, FAAPMR

Lehigh Valley Health Network
Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee


Rho_2Monica Rho, MD, FAAPMR

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
Graduate Medical Education Committee


Verduzco-Gutierrez_2Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, MD, FAAPMR

The University of Texas Health Science Center
Self-Assessment Examination Committee


Wong_2Aurora Wong, MD, FAAPMR

Sarasota Memorial Hospital
Membership Committee



2013-2015 Class

Our inaugural class set a very high bar for classes to come, in terms of commitment and post-program impact. Listed below are these extraordinary Leadership Fellows and just some of their volunteer positions of influence.

Arnold_2Michele Arnold, MD, FAAPMR

Swedish Spine Sports and Musculoskeletal Medicine
Nominating Committee
Membership Committee



Deborah Bergfeld, MD, FAAPMR

Seton Brain and Spine Institute
Performance Metrics Committee



Charles Dillard, MD, FAAPMR

Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters
Membership Committee


Ensrud_ErikErik Ensrud, MD, FAAPMR

OHSU Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
Pain Medicine/Neuromuscular Medicine Member Council Leader


Fitzpatrick_2Kevin Fitzpatrick, MD, FAAPMR

Mount Vernon Rehabilitation Medicine Associates
Evidence Committee


Gonzalez-Fernandez_2Marlis Gonzalez-Fernandez, MD, PhD, FAAPMR

Johns Hopkins University
Evidence Committee


Ifejika_2Nneka Ifejika, MD, MPH, FAAPMR

The University of Texas Health Science Center
Health Policy & Legislation Committee


Kennedy_2D.J. Kennedy, MD, FAAPMR

Stanford University
Board of Governors, Member-at-Large


Saxena_2Deepthi Saxena, MD, FAAPMR

Lafayette Regional Rehabilitation Hospital
Chair Elect, General & Medical Rehabilitation Member Council


Zumsteg_2Jennifer Zumsteg, MD, FAAPMR

University of Washington
Chair, Health Policy & Legislation Committee