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2019 Proposed APP Membership Bylaws Amendment

In May 2019, the AAPM&R Board of Governors announced a proposed amendment to the APP membership bylaws for the consideration of voting members. The proposed amendment is as follows:

12. Advanced Practice Provider. An Advanced Practice Provider must be a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner eligible for membership in their professional discipline’s national association and have a current Fellow Member (IV.A.1), Part-time Fellow Member (IV.A.7) or Associate Member (IV.A.2) as a sponsor. Advanced Practice Providers shall have recognized education or licensure/ certification, or formal appointment relevant and customary for the professional type. For the purposes of this Section A.12, the Academy’s Membership Committee shall determine in its sole discretion what constitutes a “a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.”

NoteIf the proposed bylaws amendment is not approved by membership, APPs would still be members of the Academy but without the need for a physiatrist sponsor, per the 2018 AAPM&R Business Meeting decision. The current bylaws would not change or be impacted. Read the Academy's position on APPs here

The Vote: Occurs November 16, 2019

Date:  Saturday November 16, 2019
Time:  11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Place: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Academy Fellow members are invited and encouraged to attend AAPM&R’s Annual Business Meeting on Saturday, November 16 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Members will vote on nomination recommendations, approve the membership roster, consider a Bylaws amendment proposal conditioning Advanced Practice Provider (APP) membership upon sponsorship, review 2019 activities, and preview 2020 Academy initiatives.

View the Business Meeting Agenda, Nominating Slate, and Proposed Bylaws Amendment at www.aapmr.org/businessmeeting.

Unable to attend? Vote by proxy is not allowed, per the AAPM&R bylaws. However, the Board of Governors wants to hear your input! Take a moment to share your thoughts through this form. All input will be compiled, de-identified, and shared with the Board of Governors.

Additional Details About Sponsorship

To support the proposed bylaws amendment, the Board of Governors also approved a Sponsor Member Policy. The policy summarizes the requirements related to sponsoring an APP.

A complete list of frequently asked questions regarding APP membership is located here. Below are questions specific to the proposed bylaw amendment and its implications.

  • What is the sponsor required to do?
    As part of the sponsorship process, the physiatrist sponsor members must meet the following requirements:
    • Be a current Fellow, Part-Time Fellow or Associate member in good standing as defined by the bylaws.
    • Attest to sponsoring an APP member: 
      • Sponsoring member must work with the APP on an integrated rehabilitation team.
      • Agrees to contact the Academy if the APP leaves the practice or is no longer working with them in a team delivery model.
      • Sponsors must contact the Academy if their sponsorship of the APP is being withdrawn.
  • Who could be a sponsor?
    A Fellow Member, Part-Time Fellow Member or Associate Member sponsor whose membership is in good standing may be a sponsor for an APP applicant.
  • Could someone sponsor more than 1 APP? 
    Yes, a current physiatrist member (Fellow, Part-Time Fellow, or Associate) can sponsor more than 1 APP to be a member. The Academy believes that physiatry-led, patient-centered, team-based care is the best approach to providing transformative rehabilitation care for patients. If a physiatrist member has more than 1 APP on their integrated rehabilitation team, all are welcomed.
  • Will a sponsor have to be provided by the APP member each year?
    Upon renewal/reinstatement of dues, the APP member will be asked to confirm that all contact information is up-to-date, including their sponsor. 
  • Will a sponsor have to be identified when registering for Annual Assembly?
    No, a sponsor will not have to be identified when registering for the Annual Assembly as the APP member sponsor has been identified and confirmed as part of the membership application/renewal process. For non-members, the Annual Assembly is open to non-physiatrists, including physicians and other, non-clinical staff.

  • What if the sponsor does not renew their membership? 
    If an APP member sponsor does not renew their membership, the APP will be asked to identify a new sponsor and provide contact information. If a new sponsor is not provided, the application/renewal cannot be processed.