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Advanced Practice Provider Membership

AAPM&R is happy to welcome Advance Practice Providers (APPs) into membership with Academy. The following page outlines information about this newly-created membership category, which became available with 2019 membership dues renewal.

  • Click here to download the APP membership application. Dues are $195.
  • Click here to read the Academy's APP Position Statement.
  • Click here to read the the Board of Governors announcement regarding the APP membership category.

Defining Advanced Practice Provider

An Advanced Practice Provider must be a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner eligible for membership in their professional discipline’s national association. Advanced Practice Providers shall have recognized education or licensure/ certification, or formal appointment relevant and customary for the professional type. For the purposes of this Section A.12, the Academy’s Membership Committee shall determine in its sole discretion what constitutes a “a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.”

To view the entirety of AAPM&R's bylaws, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was approved for Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)?

  • The Academy Board of Governors proposed and received membership approval for a new Advanced Practice Provider membership category.
  • Only Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) are eligible for the Advanced Practice Provider member category. Others on the care team, including Practice managers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and other members of the rehabilitation team are not eligible for the APP membership category.
  • In addition, the Academy will create educational resources for both physiatrists and APPs to advance their collaboration and further physiatric values in the spectrum of patient care.

Why did AAPM&R Board of Governors propose a new Advanced Practice Provider (APP) membership category?

  • The Academy’s Visioning PM&R Bold initiative gathered input from thousands of physiatrists to better understand the opportunities today’s practicing physiatrist foresees for the specialty. As a result of that effort, a bold new vision for the specialty was defined, and barriers to making the vision a reality were identified.
  • One barrier identified consistently by today’s practicing physiatrist is workforce limitations. In order for the specialty to expand its impact across the health care spectrum, physiatrists, as team leaders, must advance its collaboration with other health care professionals.
  • By creating an APP membership category, the Academy has the opportunity to continue to demonstrate physiatrists’ team leadership and collaboration with other health care professionals in a way to maximize the impact of physical medicine and rehabilitation in the future of medicine.
  • Ultimately, the Academy’s goal is to ensure patient access to rehabilitative services is not limited, while at the same time ensuring the values of physiatry are maximized in their potential.

Why is the APP membership category necessary?

The Academy Board of Governors, working with the AAPM&R Membership Committee and Medical Education Committee, explored multiple options and models, and thoroughly discussed the following:

  • According to the recent PM&R Compensation Survey, 70% of Academy members currently work with APPs in practice. As rehabilitation team leaders, physiatrists have a unique opportunity to train APPs and maximize their impact in physiatric practice.
  • The APP membership category strengthens the Academy’s newly-developed strategic plan, and reinforces the team-centered culture of the specialty.
  • In 2017, AAPM&R surveyed our peer groups and societies about their involvement with APPs. Nearly 75% have an APP membership category. Other specialties are already actively recruiting, educating, and retaining these important members of the care team. In order to attract the best possible care team members, we must welcome them and work collaboratively with them.

What member benefits do Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) receive?

  • APPs receive access to our Member Directory, discounts on in-person and online education, and the APP Member Forum on PhyzForum. They also receive print and digital communications, including PM&R (the purple journal), The Physiatrist, and Connection.
  • APPs can serve in volunteer roles and as members on AAPM&R committees, but they do not have voting rights, and cannot hold a Board or Committee Chair position.

What type of access do Advanced Practice Provider (APP) members have to AAPM&R education and training?

  • The Academy will be developing education specifically for APPs to meet their unique needs, although there may be APP interest, as well as member interest, in APPs participating in courses or programs designed for our physiatrist members. Educational resources will be available in the summer of 2019.
  • Our goal is to find a way to be welcoming to APP members while ensuring there is no negative impact on physiatrists (and their access to education) as our primary membership group.  
    APPs will be welcome to participate in all online education and didactic courses that do not have capacity limits. 
  • All hands-on offerings—which have limited capacity—will state specifically who the educational activity is planned for, and the required pre-requisites based on the learning objectives. In addition:
    • For activities designed specifically for physicians (i.e., more advanced procedures, etc.), the Academy can limit registration to physicians only.  This would be a business decision based on the limited capacity of the course.  The Academy may choose to include APPs in hands-on courses primarily designed for physicians as there may be value in their participation; in these cases, it would be communicated that priority would be given to physicians during hands-on training.  

Is the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) membership category available?

  • Yes, APPs can now become members of the Academy. The new membership category was approved at the 2018 Business Meeting on Saturday, October 27 during the Annual Assembly.

What is the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) membership fee?

  • The annual dues fee are $195.