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ISPRM Membership

AAPM&R has an institutional membership in ISPRM that allows current AAPM&R members to apply for individual ISPRM membership at a complimentary dues rate.

To apply, please follow the below steps:

  1. Access the ISPRM membership application for new members at https://isprm.multiregistration.com.
  2. After completing your contact information, please choose the membership category “Individual Members of Combined Societies”.
  3. Enter the promotional code 2017AAPMR when prompted.
  4. Once you have registered on the ISPRM website, please forward a copy of your 2016 AAPM&R membership dues receipt or a screenshot of the dues confirmation web page to ISPRM Membership Services via email at isprmmembership@kenes.com in order to verify your AAPM&R membership status*.

*Please note: Your AAPM&R membership dues must be current in order to be eligible for complimentary ISPRM membership. To obtain a copy of your 2016 dues payment receipt, please contact AAPM&R Customer Service at memberservices@aapmr.org or (847) 737-6000.