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New Sports Medicine Guidelines for PM&R Residencies

The Academy’s Board of Governors recently approved Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine PM&R Curriculum Guidelines. A work group of PM&R physicians within the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine (AMSSM), led by Brian Krabak, MD, had established the guidelines to assist residents and residency program directors in defining a recommended training strategy for PM&R in the realm of Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine. These curriculum guidelines were developed as a consensus opinion from the AMSSM Education Subcommittee Task Force, which is comprised of physiatrists who specialize in sports medicine. The goal of the guidelines is to assist residents and residency programs in defining their own learning objectives, with the understanding that many residencies may provide limited sports medicine training over the course of their residency and may or may not include on-field sports exposure and instruction in primary care sports issues. This document is organized into 4 major topic areas with a physiatric focus: Musculoskeletal Medicine, Other Physiatric Areas of Sports Medicine; Basic Science Foundations of Sports Medicine; and Special Topics within Sports Medicine. The curriculum has been endorsed by both AAPM&R and AMSSM and can be found on the AAPM&R website.