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Member Community Leader Nominations 

AAPM&R is currently seeking members who are interested in serving as Member Community Chair.  Each Member Community must have 1 chair. Note that the Cancer Rehabilitation, Central Nervous System, and Pediatric Rehabilitation Member Communities are seeking additional volunteer leader positions. 

A Member Community chair fulfills critical community functions including the following:

  • Facilitating and encouraging engagement between members of the community;
  • Facilitating Member Community activities online via PhyzForum;
  • Organizing, calling, and chairing Member Community gatherings in person at the Annual Assembly;
  • Serving as a resource for and connection to the Academy on issues related to the Member Community’s area of focus – for example, helping identify subject matter experts.

Each Member Community chair term is 2 years. Members elected in 2019 will have his/her term expire at the 2021 Annual Assembly. Member Community chairs are volunteer positions. 

The role of chair for each Member Community will be determined by an election process. Find more information about the election process, resources, and time commitments here.  

If you are interested in a volunteer position for the Cancer Rehabilitation, Central Nervous System or Pediatric Rehabilitation Member Communities, learn more and apply here.