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2021 Annual Report

AAPM&R is your community of 10,000+ physiatrists who are helping advance the specialty and each individual physiatrist forward. It’s the place for residents, young physiatrists starting their careers, mid-career and experienced physiatrists—leaders and future leaders. We are here for you throughout your physiatry journey, from medical school to retirement. Our community is making a difference in PM&R’s future and giving back to the specialty.

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Congratulations to the 2021 PASSOR Legacy Award and Lectureship Recipient: Jonathan Finnoff, DO, FAAPMR, FAMSSM, FACSM






PM&R BOLD started as a discussion among the specialty in the summer of 2016. The very first question we asked was, “What do physiatric practice models look like in the future?”

Since then, we developed a collective vision for the specialty, implemented an infrastructure to help us get there and engaged a community of physicians committed to creating a future where physiatrists are recognized as essential medical experts, indispensable leaders and vital early and throughout the continuum of patient care. Together, we are putting our plans into action to make the vision a reality.




COVID-19 has impacted the world in ways never imagined. 2021 has had its ups and downs and yet, we’ve had one constant...YOU. Through the opportunities and challenges of the past nearly two years, we have witnessed this PM&R community unite for your patients, communities, families, friends and the specialty. YOU are stepping up and helping lead PM&R in the face of uncertainty and change.

While being virtual for almost two years, AAPM&R has continued to lead the advancement of the specialty and support this special PM&R community.

In March 2021, we called on President Biden and Congress to gear up for the next coronavirus crisis, by preparing and implementing a comprehensive national plan focused on the needs of millions of individuals suffering from the long-term symptoms of COVID-19, also known as Long COVID or Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC).




Over the years, AAPM&R has worked to influence PM&R’s trajectory in healthcare to advance the future of the specialty. In 2021, we have continued to tirelessly advocate on behalf of physiatry to position PM&R physicians as essential leaders across the healthcare continuum. Explore our 2021 priority areas and accomplishments below – and THANK YOU to our member volunteers who helped make these happen!




Decision-making demands data – factual evidence that your skills and services are deserving of a patient’s patronage, an institution’s referral, or a payer’s reimbursement. The accurate documentation of rehabilitation through data is an effort that will involve all of physiatry, together, and it starts with AAPM&R’s Registry.

Our Registry is a single repository of data that is working to aid the specialty by guiding efforts to reduce burnout, defend scope of practice, demonstrate value and provide data to improve patient care. The Registry’s success will come from harnessing traditional EMR data with patient-reported outcomes data.




In 2021, we have worked to create opportunities for you to come together with your PM&R community. We have seen you unite with your peers for support, advice, camaraderie and more. The unity you have shown is so vital to the success of PM&R’s future. YOU are the heart of the Academy and working together is how we will continue to advocate for all physiatrists and your patients.

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion

In the past several years, AAPM&R’s Board of Governors identified strengths and gaps in our organization and committed to building and strengthening efforts to form a new, unified diversity and inclusion plan. Since then, we have focused on inclusion and continue to do so as we advance forward on our journey. We are working to make positive changes for physiatrists, your patients and the future of the specialty.

Collaboration is What We Do

We offer 40+ Member Communities, which allow you to connect with your peers across the country in clinical-, practice- and identity-focused communities. Our Member Communities offer online discussion groups on PhyzForum, virtual meetings and networking throughout the year as well as targeted education during our Annual Assembly, also known as Community Sessions. You can join as many communities as you wish – and you can even create your own.




Thank you to all of our attendees for joining us at the 2021 AAPM&R Annual Assembly! Our Assembly is an event like no other. We’re the largest gathering of physiatrists and we enjoyed reconnecting with you and celebrating the advances each of you have made. More than 2,500 attendees joined us and took home new PM&R learnings, connected online with friends and colleagues, celebrated Physiatry Day and reinvigorated their passion for our specialty.

We kicked off the meeting with our pre-Assembly events throughout the early fall with the Medical Student Program, Quiz Bowl, Virtual Town Hall and 30+ Community Sessions. In November, attendees enjoyed non-stop education and virtual networking, including more than 70 clinical and practice symposia, four inspiring plenaries, Job and Fellowship Fair, PM&R Pavilion and even a little magic! Thanks to all of you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and motivating each other to reach new heights.

The Annual Assembly is a success because of you! Our Program Planning Committee, faculty and attendees help make this the best annual meeting for PM&R – thank you!

Save the Date for #AAPMR22

We hope to see you next year for our 2022 Annual Assembly, being held October 20-23 in Baltimore, Maryland and online. We are now seeking your session proposals and research abstracts for #AAPMR22. Our theme is Leading the Way.




AAPM&R is transforming its educational portfolio to best support YOU. Our education, training and resources span a variety of mediums to give you the education you want, how you want it and when you want it. A combination of online education, virtual courses and live events keep you on the cusp of healthcare changes and medical advances, supporting you in your pursuit of ongoing education, and practice and career advancement. From coding resources to hands-on training to leadership development, you can find resources that address all aspects of medical professionalism.




AAPM&R tirelessly works to provide resources to members to ensure your practices and careers are strong—taking care of you while you take care of your patients. In 2021, we continued to prioritize your practice and career advancement to position physiatrists for success in the future.

Tools to Position PM&R in Alignment with Our BOLD Vision

Our Specialty Brand Expansion (SBE) Committee was developed to help plan and coordinate AAPM&R’s initiatives to fulfill goals related to advancing awareness, appreciation and value of physiatry with key stakeholders outside of PM&R. In 2021, SBE members have been working to create a “Positioning PM&R in Alignment with the Vision Toolkit” that will help Academy members pitch the value of PM&R in alignment with our BOLD vision to our target audiences—primary care and hospital administrators. Look for this toolkit in early 2022.

Additional Grassroots Marketing Support for Physiatrists

PM&R Knowledge NOW®️ is a resource for physicians and patients providing an overview of conditions and treatments in the PM&R specialty. Currently offering 300+ topics to explore, this is a valuable resource to demonstrate to other healthcare providers why and when to utilize a physiatrist. You can even use this as a tool to teach residents and medical students!

Helping Early-Career Physiatrists Lead Their Way to Success

  • Early-career physiatrists face unique challenges as they navigate new work responsibilities and juggle work-life balance. To help with this, we offer the early-career pathways as a unique membership option for those graduating from residency and fellowship.
  • We also offer an annual spring course designed just for early-career physiatrists. In March 2021, we held this unique virtual course and discussed resume-building strategies, job search advice, interview techniques, contract negotiations and managing personal finances. In 2022, we will be holding this course again! Stay tuned for details.

Career Resources to Position You for Success

  • Job and Fellowship Board—Use this online resource to post your CV, search for positions, or advertise positions that you need to fill. New positions are regularly added!
  • Job and Fellowship Fair—Our Job Fair is the ONLY PM&R-specific recruiting event in the country that brings hundreds of physiatrists together!




Since 2020, we have spoken to many members who worked on the COVID-19 frontlines, transitioned their practices and created new opportunities for themselves. Several of you have shared your stories with us – thank you! Take a look below to read all of these inspiring stories from your peers.




In early 2020 with the support of the AAPM&R Board of Governors, the Inclusion and Engagement Committee committed to understanding our members better and fostering an inclusive environment. Revised and new, optional demographic questions were added to the member profile in 2020, and members were encouraged to update their information. This is the first summary offering insights into the AAPM&R membership based on self-reported profile information. Data is as of October 2021.

Find additional member insights here, including Primary Practice Setting, Clinical Practice Area, and Race/Ethnicity.




2021 Annual Assembly Videos

Explore the following sessions that were held at the 2021 AAPM&R Annual Assembly. These sessions focus on what the Academy is doing in the advocacy realm, how we are using the Registry to collect valuable data in low back pain and ischemic stroke and Academy efforts in value-based physiatry.

#AAPMR21 Session: AAPM&R Advocacy: New Administration, New Opportunities to Advance PM&R


#AAPMR21 Session: The Data is In: How AAPM&R’s Registry Early Adopter Sites are Engaging Patients to Collect Valuable Data in Low Back Pain and Ischemic Stroke



#AAPMR21 Session: Academy Efforts in Value-Based Physiatry




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AAPM&R Members: Thank You!

The complexities of today's changing healthcare landscape require collaboration and dialogue. Thank you to all of our members for your support and ongoing engagement in the Academy to help advance the specialty.