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What Rotations are Good for Someone Going Into PM&R

The Medical Student's Guide to PM&R

​Specialty ​​Usefulness
Anesthesiology​ ​To understand the pharmacology and pathophysiology of pain and use of appropriate interventions, including medications
​Neurology ​To learn neurologic exam techniques, management and complications of acute stroke, and secondary stroke prevention
​Neurosurgery ​To learn neuroanatomy, neurologic exam techniques, neurosurgical emergencies, and neuroradiology
​Orthopedic Surgery/Sports Medicine ​To learn musculoskeletal anatomy, physical exam techniques, surgical and nonsurgical treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, casting and splinting techniques, and post-op precautions and management
​Pediatrics ​To learn normal and abnormal functional development
​Radiology ​To better understand and interpret radiological studies and to order appropriate imaging to work-up specific differential diagnoses
​Rheumatology ​To learn joint injection and physical exam techniques
​Urology​ ​To learn management of neurogenic bladder due to spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, and other neurologic disorders​