AAPM&R Business Meeting

Annual Assembly

Saturday, October 22
11:30 am - 12:30 pm (ET)

Room 337-338, Level Three

During this formal annual Business Meeting, the Membership Report and the Nominating Committee Report are formally presented for voting. Attendees will also hear a review of 2022 activities and get a preview of 2023 initiatives. (Only voting members of the Academy may vote, but all members are encouraged to attend.) Fellow members, Senior Fellow members and Part-time Fellow members in good standing shall have the right to vote on all actions requiring a vote of the Academy members.

The AAPM&R 2022 Member Report will be available at this meeting.


View the 2022 Business Meeting agenda here.


The 2022 AAPM&R Nominating Committee reports the names of the Fellows who are recommended and nominated for election to your Board of Governors and Nominating Committee. In addition to the Report linked above, get to know your colleagues on the slate.

If you have questions, please email info@aapmr.org or call (847) 737-6000.

2021 Business Meeting Minutes

During the 2022 Business Meeting, Fellows will be asked to vote to approve the Minutes from the 2021 AAPM&R Virtual Business Meeting.