PhyzTalks Finalists

Annual Assembly

Congratulations to the AAPM&R 2022 Annual Assembly PhyzTalk finalists!

PhyzTalks are TED™-style talks, which feature stories that are compelling and impactful to physiatrists. We'd like to extend our appreciation for all of our 2022 Annual Assembly PhyzTalks finalists who shared their compelling and inspirational physiatry-focused stories during our closing plenary. #AAPMR22 attendees can re-watch the PhyzTalks plenary session on the virtual platform.

Congratulations to Yunna Sinskey, MD for being voted our 2022 PhyzTalks Winner!


Exercise & Medicine: A Physiatrist’s Patient Story

James Atchison, DO, FAAPMR

The Best Laid Plans – How to Extensively Negotiate Your First Job Contract, Have it Not Work Out Anyways, Leave Within a Year, and Land on Your Feet Anyway

Mihir Joshi, MD, FAAPMR


What MORE can YOU do to Make an Impact?

Kelsey Lau, DO 


Building a Mobile App for Rehabilitation Purposes in this High-tech Era

Alexandre Lavigne, MD


The Words I Never Said: Re-humanizing the Patient Narrative through Awareness and Gratification

Zainab Shirazi, MD


Residency Interrupted: Returning Back to Residency After Almost Dying

Yunna Sinskey, MD — 2022 PhyzTalks Winner!