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Tips for Your Virtual Experience

Annual Assembly

Welcome to your first virtual AAPM&R Annual Assembly!

The following guidelines will give you the best experience on the virtual platform. Additional details on these recommendations can be found below:

  • Access the platform from a desktop or laptop computer
  • Use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Safari is not recommended
  • Check that you have at least 25mbps of internet speed
  • Disconnect from VPN networks while you use the platform

Faculty can find more information about how to prepare for your session here.

Logging In

You will log into the virtual platform with the same credentials you use to log into www.aapmr.org. Navigate to the Annual Assembly page and click on the link to the event platform page at the top.
Then click on the green button to enter our virtual conference, where you’ll find more helpful
information to make the most of your Assembly experience.

The email address where you receive Academy emails is your username to log in. To reset your
password, click on the “Forgot Password” link from the login screen to receive an email with a
password reset link. For further assistance logging in or if you did not receive instructions to access
the platform prior to the beginning of the conference, please contact Academy staff at info@aapmr.org.

Accessing the Virtual Platform

The virtual platform is designed to work on web-based applications (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Safari is not recommended.) You can access the platform from your laptop, table or mobile phone.

To make sure your system is ready to go for the event, be sure to download the most current versions of your web-based applications. Click here to see how your computer is currently operating.

Internet Speed

For the best experience, a minimum internet speed of 25mbps is recommended - use this handy speed checker to test your connection!

It is essential that you disconnect from any VPN networks while participating. If you are connected to a VPN while using the platform, important functions like theater and video displays will not work properly.


You will still be able to access the platform if your company has a corporate firewall in place. In most cases, firewalls will not pose a problem. To help you identify any potential issues, click here.

Technical Support

Technical support will be available at the IT Help Desk during the virtual event. The IT Help Desk will be accessible from any area of the platform, and open during the following hours:

Sunday, November 8
10 am-8:30 pm (CT)

Monday, November 9
10 am-9 pm (CT)

Tuesday, November 10
11 am-8:15 pm (CT)

Wednesday, November 11
3 pm-9 pm (CT)

Thursday, November 12
9 am-8:30 pm (CT)

Friday, November 13
9 am-9 pm (CT)

Saturday, November 14
9 am-10 pm (CT)

Sunday, November 15
9 am-4 pm (CT)

On-Demand Content

The virtual Assembly will include a combination of live symposia, community sessions and pre-Assembly sessions, as well as pre-recorded sessions on-demand, virtual posters, virtual exhibit hall with sponsored sessions and more.

You will have access to the virtual Assembly site to explore on-demand content and access pre-Assembly sessions beginning Sunday, November 8 and will have access to ALL content (including recordings of live sessions) until January 31, 2021.

Still Have Questions?

Please contact the AAPM&R National Office at assembly@aapmr.org or (847) 737-6000.