Resources for Annual Assembly Faculty


Annual Assembly

2021 AAPM&R Annual Assembly
November 11-14

Community Sessions
October 11-29

Pre-Assembly Sessions
November 8-9

Faculty Preparation Checklist 

Past Due

Presentation Invitation Acceptance/Decline

All Annual Assembly faculty received a personalized email with a link to their invitation. This email contains instructions to log into our content management system, Conference Harvester, and accept their invitation.

If a potential faculty member has not yet done so, please login to accept/or decline their invitation. Invitations must be completed prior to completing necessary faculty tasks. If you have any questions regarding your invitation, please contact assembly@aapmr.org.

Past Due

Complete Your Financial Disclosure Form and Speaker Agreement

All Annual Assembly faculty are required to disclose all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interest to the Academy. Failure to do so may jeopardize your position as faculty.

Should any of your financial disclosures present a conflict of interest; your presentation will need to be reviewed for compliance. Faculty with a potential conflict of interest will be notified upon review of your presentation. Further instructions will be provided at that time.

Due Immediately       

Profile Update Needed (including digital photograph, short biography, etc.)

All Annual Assembly faculty are required to upload to the Conference Harvester a digital image (a high-resolution, professionally produced portrait, if possible) to use in marketing materials. In addition, faculty are to provide or update biography and credential information currently listed.

Past Due/Due Immediately

Outline with Detailed Run of Session Needed

Session Director's should login to the Conference Harvester and complete the Session Outline task. A detailed outline which includes the order of presenters, discussion time, debates, and introductions is requested. All faculty's roles should be included and made clear.

October 13, 2021       7:00 pm CT

Technical Walkthrough with Beedance (Meeting Option 1)

On-Demand Replay Link

Faculty Orientation Slides

October 19, 2021 
1:00 pm CT

Technical Walkthrough with Beedance (Meeting Option 2)
The access link has been emailed to live session faculty.

On-Demand/ Community Sessions
Seven days prior to live recording/live production 

PowerPoint Presentations Due
To meet CME requirements, AAPM&R requires that all presentations are peer reviewed prior to the activity. (see the requirements below)

Live Sessions
November 4, 2021



PowerPoint Presentations Due
To meet CME requirements, AAPM&R requires that all presentations are peer reviewed prior to the activity.

  • Session Directors are expected to review each faculty members presentation before submission to AAPM&R.
  • Annual Assembly faculty are strongly encouraged to use the AA21-Powerpoint_Virtual Template. However, if faculty utilize another template, note only 16:9 aspect ratio slides are accepted.
  • It is a requirement to include a disclosure slide in the beginning and summary of citations and evidence at the end of your presentation. Please see below for additional information and examples.
  • The presentation should conclude with 3-5 take-home lessons.
  • All discussion of products or devices must be balanced and evidence-based. 
  • Including references and sources is helpful; please include them when possible.

Polling Questions/
November 8, 2021

Prerecorded or video material AND polling questions needs to be provided to your producer or emailed to assembly@aapmr.org.

How to Prepare for a Successful #AAPMR21 Live Session

We are here to help you deliver a fun and engaging presentation during our virtual 2021 Annual Assembly! Please read through our best practices for live, interactive sessions below, to set yourself up for success.

  1. Eliminate distractions before you start
    Prepare to minimize any disruption to the attendee experience.

  2. Prepare your technology

    • Ensure your laptop or computer is plugged in or fully charged.

    • Understand your technology. Know how to turn your sound on, play videos, administer polls, and advance slides.

    • Practice. Be comfortable navigating slides and reacting to slight glitches or hiccups before you go live.
  3. Dress appropriately
    Dress as you would in the office or seeing patients.  Not only will this create a good impression, but you’ll feel more confident as well.

  4. Utilize a professional background or surrounding
    A virtual background will not be provided. Keep your background as simple as possible to avoid distracting your audience’s attention.

  5. Check your camera angle
    Make sure your audience is seeing what you want them to. Check the lighting to make sure you don’t have deep shadows on your face and that the lighting is as even as possible. Test it with someone else—what’s the optimal angle and height for your camera?

  6. Focus your content

    • Text-heavy slides and interesting side information overload and disengage learners. Keep your slides simple and focused on your main objectives.

    • Keep slides colorful and use graphics/photos. Good visuals provoke quick impressions and emotional connections for your audience.

    • Don’t stay on one slide for too long. Move along so your audience has new material to recapture their attention.

    • Frequent changes on the screen pull audiences’ attention back from other distractions. Introduce motion by moving to a new slide, bringing something up on an existing slide, or using your pointer to emphasize some detail.

  7. Actively engage your audience

    • Plan an interaction every two minutes or so. Ask your audience questions. Let them know at the start that you’ll be randomly calling on them with questions throughout the session.

    • Use the chat feature for real-time Q&A. Ask a question on screen and have people respond in chat. Set up a clickable poll or invite people to use the “raise hand” feature to respond to a question.

  8. Bring energy to your delivery!

    • Communicate passion and energy for your ideas. If you’re bored, your audience will be too.

    • Practice making your voice dynamic and engaging. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s important to project more vocal energy than you would during an in-person presentation.

During the Presentation

  • Technicians from our vendor, Beedance, will run through audio/video/internet connections to ensure that all presenters are set up well. This is important, to ensure that the presentation runs smoothly and flows from the beginning to end.
  • You will share your screen. We suggest printing your notes if you do not have a second monitor to reference during the presentation. All sessions (except for plenaries) will be utilizing Zoom.
  • Note that presentations must conclude at the planned end time.

Contact the AAPM&R National Office, Education Team, at assembly@aapmr.org or (847) 737-6000

Faculty PowerPoint Presentations

Please refer to the instructions and deadlines below as you build your PowerPoint presentation.

  • For Live Sessions held November 8-14, PowerPoint presentations are due Thursday, November 4, 2021.
  • For On-Demand and Community Sessions, PowerPoint presentations are due seven days prior to the session recordings or live production. This will allow time for CME Review. (i.e. If a recording is scheduled on October 17th, the PowerPoint presentations are all due by October 10th.)
  • All faculty must upload their PowerPoint presentation in the Conference Harvester.

Meeting attendees look forward to having session handouts as a resource before, during and after the meeting. Many attendees print their handouts before arriving at the Assembly. Submission typically include outlines, JAMA articles, PowerPoint presentations, or bibliographies/references. We ask that you please upload one of these above formats to the system by the required date to enhance the attendee experience.

PowerPoint Template

All presenters are encouraged to use the AA21-Powerpoint_Virtual Template which is already formatted to 16:9 aspect ratio for best quality. 

Conflict of Interest Guidelines

Anyone in a position to control the content of a CME activity must complete a Disclosure Form to disclose all relevant financial relationships (in any amount), including those of a spouse or partner from the past 12 months, with any commercial interest.*

Relevant financial relationships can include such things as grants or research support, employment, consultant, stockholder, speakers’ bureau, etc.

*A commercial interest is defined as any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients. Providers of clinical service directly to patients are not considered to be commercial interests. Please see the AAPM&R COI Disclosure and Resolution Policy for more information.

Individuals who do not disclose their relevant financial relationship(s) will be prohibited from participation in the planning of a CME activity.

All faculty involved in sessions MUST include one of the attached Disclosure Slide templates as the 1st or 2nd slide in your presentation to disclose any relevant financial relationship(s) verbally to the audience.

Use this example when you have a relationship(s) to disclose.

(i.e. Dr. John Doe is on the Speakers’ Bureau for ABC Company or Dr. John Doe is the recipient of a research grant from XYZ Organization.)


 Use this example when you have no relevant relationship(s) to disclose.

disclosure 2

Research Presenter Guidelines

Please visit the Poster Presenter Resource page for more information on Electronic Poster Guidelines.

Faculty Engagement


Faculty are encouraged to build up anticipation for their sessions through our online member forum, PhyzForum!

Social Media Channels

The Annual Assembly has a presence on several social media channels and is looking to continually engage attendees. Please log on to share why you are excited for the 2021 Annual Assembly. 

Instagram: @aapmr #aapmr21

Twitter: @aapmr #aapmr21

Facebook: @aapmrinfo #aapmr21

YouTube: aapmrsite

Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my target audience?
At the AAPM&R Annual Assembly, you will be instructing physiatrists, advanced practice providers, physical therapists and residents.

How many health care professionals participate in the AAPM&R Annual Assembly?
Attendance varies depending on the Assembly timing and location. The AAPM&R anticipates between 2,500-3,500 healthcare professionals to participate in the 2021 Annual Assembly.

Will there be technical help during my live session?
An AAPM&R staff member and Beedance Producer will be available to assist you prior to and during your live session.

Will there be a rehearsal prior to my live session?
To ensure faculty are comfortable with the platform, rehearsal time with a producer and AAPM&R staff will be scheduled

When my presentation be available on-line?
On-Demand and Community Sessions will be available for registered attendees beginning on Monday, November 8, 2021 in our virtual platform. 

Will my session be evaluated?
Attendees have the option to evaluate your session. Attendees will be directed to a link to complete the evaluation once your session has concluded.

Contact the AAPM&R National Office at assembly@aapmr.org or (847) 737-6000.