Annual Assembly



This is YOUR Future

Through Visioning PM&R BOLD, the input of thousands of physiatrists created a new vision statement for PM&R. The Academy adopted the vision as its own in 2017 and has engaged the specialty in critical conversations and actions to move the specialty forward. The rapid changes in health care this year, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, have reaffirmed our collective vision that it is necessary for physiatrists to be involved early and throughout the continuum of patient care. View the entire vision and more at bold.aapmr.org.

Prioritize Your Future

This year at #AAPMR20, we’ve worked to highlight sessions across the Assembly experience that support YOUR future and the future of PM&R in alignment with that vision. Look for sessions tagged BOLD throughout the agenda and prioritize your future at this year’s annual assembly.


Wondering Where to Start?

Our co-chairs from the PM&R BOLD Steering Committee have prioritized the following sessions across the practice areas of Musculoskeletal Care, Pain Management and Spine Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Care Continuum, Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine, and Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine.

  • Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Learning Collaborative: What is Our Path Forward to Advance PM&R's Vision?
    • Thursday, November 12 | 2 pm–5 pm
  • Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine Learning Collaborative: What is Core to Future Education to Support PM&R's Vision?
    • Friday, November 13 | 2 pm–5 pm
  • Exploring PM&R’s Place in Future Models that Support PM&R's Vision: MSK Care, Pain and Spine
    •  Saturday, November 14 | 9:45 am–11:15 am
  • Alternative Payment Models Across the Rehabilitation Care Continuum
    • Saturday, November 14 I 3:30 pm–5 pm

More information about PM&R BOLD and opportunities to get involved can be found here.