Annual Assembly

NEW! Community Day

Thursday, November 14


Introducing a brand-new way to connect with your peers at the Annual Assembly…Community Day!

During this half-day program, you’re invited to attend sessions that were created by some of YOUR Member Communities. Explore education specific to your needs and network with your peers who share similar interests. Take a look at all the Community Day excitement and be sure to join us! Bonus – this program is included in your registration.

8 am-11 am

Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine

Practical, Evidence-Based Ways to Build Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine in Your Practice

  • Focused on evidence-based and practical ways to build a clinical practice with cancer rehabilitation.
  • Educate attendees on how to expand or incorporate cancer rehabilitation in their current practice.
  • Review the latest research on lymphedema management and clinical pearls of experience, how to develop a prehabilitation and exercise program, and more.

Central Nervous System

Concussions, Disorders of Consciousness, and Networking

  • Focus on current practices for disorders of consciousness.
  • No particular treatment will be endorsed, only those that are currently being used.

Exercise as Medicine

Integrating Aerobic Exercise into the Continuum of Rehabilitation Care: Basic and Clinical Science Guides are the Prescription to Support Recovery in Brain Injury, Cancer, and Cardiovascular Disease

  • Review the science supporting the benefit of aerobic exercise in disease prevention.
  • A panel discussion with experts in cancer, neurologic, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.
  • Breakout sessions where groups can sit with like-minded colleagues to discuss practical issues of program development and implementation, as well as consider collaborative research initiatives. 

Medical Educators

Teaching the Next Generation of Physiatrists: Promoting Lifelong Learning for New Settings and New Technologies

  • Review how to facilitate lifelong learning so that learners can adapt to new changes.
  • Discuss the importance of deciding which technologies to include in the curriculum.
  • Why you need to overcome structural barriers to incorporate new practice settings into your rotations. 

Pain Medicine

Evidence-Based Pain Medicine: Spine Physical Exam and Multidisciplinary Approach

  • Share best practices in spine and multidisciplinary pain care.
  • Focus on the evidence behind various multidisciplinary pain approaches and historical factors/physical examination maneuvers.
  • Break into small, faculty-led groups to learn appropriate physical examination maneuvers and experience a guided mindfulness exercise.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric Rehabilitation – Pearls and Pitfalls from the Trenches

  • Experienced physiatrists who have started successful pediatric inpatient or outpatient practices will describe their experiences.
  • Review 2-3 pearls to enable you to establish your practice as well as 2-3 pitfalls to avoid.
  • Discuss why establishing pediatric practices in a multitude of settings is valuable for physiatry.

Running Medicine

Running Medicine: Clinically-Applied Biomechanics

  • Give an overview of abnormal biomechanics and correlation with injury.
  • Discuss running gait patterns and injury.
  • Review case presentations that highlight a biomechanical approach for diagnosis and how to formulate a structured rehab plan.

Women Physiatrists

Visioning Women Physiatrists BOLD

Speakers: Marisa Bono; Marina Gavito, MBA, Sara Laschever, MA

  • Understand how the “woman gap” is affecting career, promotions, and compensation.
  • Employ strategies to find and nourish mentorship opportunities.
  • Discuss how to be instrumental leaders with upcoming health care changes.

8 am-9:15 am

Performing Arts Medicine

Performing Arts Medicine – Get to Know the Community

  • Review the special issues seen in the performing arts.
  • A panel discussion will facilitate the sharing of various experiences of providers working with artists.
  • Topics will range from the logistics of working in the field to the management of specific conditions.

Philippine American Physiatrists

Bringing the Philippine Community Together

  • Have an open and lively discussion regarding global health PM&R initiatives and international networking opportunities.
  • A panel will share their personal experiences with service projects (domestic and abroad) and how it has shaped their clinical practice.
  • Garner creative ideas for collaboration with international PM&R organizations for clinical and research opportunities.

9:45 am-11 am

African American Physiatrists

Careers, Cash, and Conversation

Speaker: Sharon Mallory, CMFC

  • An open conversation about career choices.
  • Discuss how it affects the financial strategy for a prosperous career.
  • Share strategies of financial soundness regardless of where you are in your career path.

Overhead Athlete

The Overhead Athlete: Translation of Research to Performance and Back Again

  • Introduce new concepts and topics related to the overhead athlete.
  • Develop a forum for discussion in this niche population.
  • Provide an environment for the development of new and novel research ideas.

Sports Medicine Fellowship

Sports Medicine Fellowships: A Summary of Recent PM&R Fellow Candidates' Applications, Interview Experiences, and What They Value in Programs

  • Identify trends in the sports medicine fellowship application process and PM&R candidates’ approaches/values toward the process.
  • Provide useful information to future candidates to help guide their approach.
  • Guide sports medicine fellowship programs on the value of candidates, which may influence the recruitment process or potential future program development.

*Content subject to change.