Annual Assembly

Attend the Town Hall and Business Meeting


Town Hall

Friday, November 15
5 pm-6 pm
Henry B. González Convention Center, Room 205, Meeting Room Level

All members are encouraged to attend the AAPM&R Town Hall. This is a great way to make an in-person connection with your Board of Governors during the Annual Assembly. Members meet face-to-face with leadership who set aside this time in an informal setting to answer your questions and hear your ideas and feedback. This is an excellent opportunity to share your voice with the Board of Governors!

Business Meeting

Saturday, November 16
11:30 am-12:30 pm
Henry B. González Convention Center, Room 217C, Meeting Room Level

The AAPM&R Business Meeting is where the Membership Report, the Nominating Committee Report, and bylaws recommendations are formally presented for voting. This includes an amendment to the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) membership bylaws. Attendees will hear a review of 2019 activities and a preview of 2020 initiatives. Only voting members of the Academy may vote, but all members are encouraged to attend.


View the Business Meeting agenda.


The AAPM&R Nominating Committee reports the names of the Fellows who are recommended and nominated for election to officers and other positions. View the 2019 Nominating Committee Slate.

If you have questions, please email info@aapmr.org or call (847) 737-6000.


During the Business Meeting, fellows will be asked to vote on proposed amendments to the AAPM&R Bylaws:

In May 2019, the AAPM&R Board of Governors announced a proposed amendment to the APP membership bylaws for the consideration of voting members. The proposed amendment is as follows:

12. Advanced Practice Provider. An Advanced Practice Provider must be a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner eligible for membership in their professional discipline’s national association and have a current Fellow Member (IV.A.1), Part-time Fellow Member (IV.A.7) or Associate Member (IV.A.2) as a sponsor. Advanced Practice Providers shall have recognized education or licensure/ certification, or formal appointment relevant and customary for the professional type. For the purposes of this Section A.12, the Academy’s Membership Committee shall determine in its sole discretion what constitutes a “a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.”

NoteIf the proposed bylaws amendment is not approved by membership, APPs would still be members of the Academy but without the need for a physiatrist sponsor, per the 2018 AAPM&R Business Meeting decision. The current bylaws would not change or be impacted. Learn more about this proposed amendment and read the Academy's position statement on APPs