Community Sessions

Annual Assembly

The fun starts earlier than ever before with 30+ live Community Sessions offered virtually to all registrants! Participate in sessions created by community leaders to address your Member Community’s unique needs and challenges.

Log in throughout October to connect and collaborate with your peers who share similar interests. These sessions will also be available on-demand for registrants.

Community Session Schedule

Adaptive Athletes and Sports, Amputee/Limb Loss Restoration Rehabilitation

  • Advocacy for Equitable Access to Physical Activity and Sport
    • Wednesday, October 27, 6-7:30 pm (CT)

African American Physiatrists

  • Medicolegal Physiatry Opportunities and African American Physiatrists
    • Wednesday, October 20, 6-7:30 pm (CT)

African American Physiatrists and LatinX in Physiatry

  • Critical Conversations: Recognizing and Mitigating Workplace Bullying
    • Thursday, October 28, 5-6 pm (CT)

Alternative Pain Medicine

  • Multidimensional Pain Management: Exploring Nutrition and the Mind-Body Connection
    • Part 1: Thursday, October 14, 12-1:30 pm (CT)
    • Part 2: Tuesday, October 26, 6-7:30 pm (CT)

Brain Injury Medicine Current Fellows and Future Candidates

  • Neurorehabilitation Career Paths: A Panel Discussion of the Multiple Options Your Fellowship Training Can Take You
    • Wednesday, October 13, 3-4:30 pm (CT)

Business of Healthcare Physiatrists

  • Part 1: How I Got Here: Mapping the Journey to Leadership
    • Tuesday, October 12, 1-2:30 pm (CT)
  • Part 2: Lessons Learned on the Road to Executive Leadership
    • Wednesday, October 20, 1-2:30 pm (CT)

Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Cancer Rehabilitation: Advocacy, Telemedicine, and Experiences During COVID-19
    • Tuesday, October 19, 4:30-6 pm (CT)

Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine and Pediatric Rehabilitation

  • Part 1: Building Pediatric Cancer Rehabilitation Programs: Pearls and Pitfalls of Program Development
    • Friday, October 29, 10:30 am-12 pm (CT)
  • Part 2: Multidisciplinary Case Studies in Pediatric Cancer Rehabilitation
    • Friday, October 29, 12-1:30 pm (CT)

Central Nervous System

  • Part 1: Adult Rehabilitation Care of Persons Aging with Acquired CNS Disorders and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
    • Tuesday, October 12, 6:30-8 pm (CT)
  • Part 2: Transition of Care: Neurorehabilitation Journey through Different Settings of Healthcare
    • Thursday, October 21, 6:30-8 pm (CT)

Central Nervous System and Pediatric Rehabilitation

  • "Dear Physiatrist" Let's Talk about Transition of Care for People with Acquired and Developmental Disabilities
    • Tuesday, October 19, 6:30-8 pm (CT)

Exercise as Medicine

  • Exercise as Medicine: From Lab to Practice-Translating Science into Programmatic Enhancements
    • Thursday, October 28, 12-3 pm (CT)

Geriatric Rehabilitation

  • Hot Topics in Geriatrics and Rehabilitation
    • Tuesday, October 26, 12-3 pm (CT)

Inpatient Consultants

  • PM&R Consultations: More Than Just Dispo....
    • Thursday, October 14, 4-5:30 pm (CT)

Inpatient Rehabilitation

  • Hotbeds of Infection: Preventing Outbreaks on the Rehab Unit
    • Thursday, October 14, 12-1:30 pm (CT)

LGBTQIA+ in Physiatry

  • Inaugural Community Networking Session
    • Thursday, October 21, 3-4 pm (CT)

Medical Educators

  • Diversity and Inclusion in PM&R Medical Education
    • Thursday, October 14, 6-7:30 pm (CT)

Muslim Physiatrists

  • Principles of Assessment: Providing Feedback
    • Monday, October 11, 1-2 pm (CT)

Neuromodulation, Pain Medicine and Spine Medicine

  • Pain and Spine
    • Thursday, October 14, 6-9 pm (CT)

Pediatric Rehabilitation

  • Cerebral Palsy Challenges: Dystonia, Sexuality and Intimacy, and Mimickers
    • Tuesday, October 26, 7:30-9 pm (CT)

Pediatric Sports Medicine

  • Concussion Management in Children With and Without Disabilities
    • Wednesday, October 27, 6-7:30 pm (CT)

Performing Arts Medicine

  • Performing Arts Medicine
    • Part 1: Monday, October 18, 7:30-9 pm (CT)
    • Part 2: Wednesday, October 27, 7:30-9 pm (CT)

Physiatry in Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Physiatric Practice in the SNF: Success During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Thursday, October 28, 6-9 pm (CT)

Research in Physiatry

  • Opportunities to Engage in and Optimize the Quality of Physiatry Research
    • Thursday, October 28, 6-7:30 pm (CT)

Running Medicine

  • New Evidence on Clinical Exam, Functional Assessment and Injury Prevention in Runners
    • Monday, October 25, 7-8:30 pm (CT)

South Asian Physiatry

  • COVID-19 Across the Continents: A Panel Discussion
    • Monday, October 11, 7:30-9 pm (CT)

Sports Medicine

  • Prevention Strategies of Common Sports Injuries
    • Thursday, October 21, 6-7:30 pm (CT)

Women Physiatrists

  • How to Navigate Business in Medicine
    • Monday, October 18, 3-4 pm (CT)