2021 Utilizing Ultrasound in Your PM&R Practice

Annual Assembly

Join us for our pre-assembly event: 2021 Utilizing Ultrasound in Your PM&R Practice

Tuesday, November 8 from 6 - 8:30 pm (CT)


This session will focus on how ultrasound can be utilized to enhance any musculoskeletal or neuromuscular physiatry practice. Attendees will learn via interactive case-based scenarios and panel discussion. Cases will involve both the upper and lower extremities and will help attendees improve their diagnostic ultrasound skills as well as their ultrasound-guided procedural skills. This session is meant to complement the robust STEP Ultrasound Certificate Program curriculum.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Better understand when ultrasound could be successfully incorporated into a physiatry practice
  • Understand the advantages of ultrasound when compared to other imaging modalities
  • Understand the role of ultrasound guidance during chemodenervation procedures and for novel musculoskeletal applications

Session Directors

Brittany J. Moore, MD and Allison N. Schroeder, MD


  • Katharine E. Alter, MD
  • Zachary P. Bailowitz, MD
  • Ethan B. Rand, MD


CME:  2.25 hours



6:00pm – 6:05pmWelcome and Faculty Introductions 

Brittany J. Moore, MD and Allison N. Schroeder, MD

6:05pm – 6:35pm        Lower Extremity Dystonia Case 

Katharine E. Alter, MD

6:35pm – 7:05pmShoulder Case

Ethan B. Rand, MD

7:05pm – 7:25pmBreak
7:25pm – 7:55pmAnkle Case 

Zachary P. Bailowitz, MD

7:55pm – 8:25pmKnee Case 

Allison N. Schroeder, MD

8:25pm – 8:30pmWrap-up