Annual Assembly 2018

Annual Assembly

Controversies in Imaging: Regenerative Medicine, Musculoskeletal, Neuro- and Cancer Rehabilitation

Registration and Breakfast

7 am-8 am
Opening Remarks
Andre Panagos, MD, MSc, FAAPMR and Marwa Ahmed, MD, MS, FAAPMR

8:05 am-8:05 am        
Regenerative Medicine-Comparative Radiology
David Harshfield, MD 

8:05 am-8:30 am   
Regenerative Medicine-Which Imaging Modalities and When
Rahul Desai, MD

8:30 am-8:55 am  
Regenerative Medicine- Select Treatment Cases
David Harshfield MD and Rahul Desai, MD

8:55 am-9:20 am
Panel Discussion
All Faculty
9:20 am-10:05 am 

10:05 am-10:25 am          

MSK-A Primer On How to Read X-ray/MR Imaging
Colin Strickland, MD

10:25 am-10:50 am
MSK-Best Practices in Interventional Radiology
Mary Jesse, MD
10:50 am-11:15 am

MSK-Select Treatment Cases
Colin Strickland, MD and Mary Jesse, MD

11:15 am-11:40 am

Panel Discussion
All Faculty
11:40 am-12:25 pm 

12:25 pm-1:25 pm      
Neuro-Neuroimaging in Traumatic Brain Injury
Yvonne Lui, MD

1:25 pm-1:50 pm
Neuro-Ultrasound Evaluation of Peripheral Neuropathies
Jeffrey Strakowski, MD, FAAPMR

1:50 pm-2:15 pm
Neuro-Select Treatment Cases
Jeffrey Strakowski, MD, FAAPMR and Yvonne Lui, MD

2:15 pm-2:40 pm
Panel Discussion
All Faculty

2:40 pm-2:55 pm

2:55 pm-3:05 pm
Cancer-Neuroimaging in Cancer
Yvonne Lui, MD

3:05 pm-3:35 pm
Cancer-Physiatric Basics in Using Imaging for Cancer Rehabilitation
Michael Stubblefield, MD, FAAPMR
3:35 pm-4:00pm 
Cancer-Select Treatment Cases
Michael Stubblefield, MD, FAAPMR and Yvonne Lui, MD
4:00 pm-4:25 pm 
Panel Discussion
All Faculty
4:25 pm-4:45 pm 
Summary and Conclusions
Andre Panagos, MD, MSc, FAAPMR and Marwa Ahmed, MD, MS, FAAPMR
4:45 pm-5 pm 
Adjourn   5 pm 


Faculty and topics subject to change