Annual Assembly 2018

Annual Assembly





Step One: Ultrasound Clinical Applications of the Extremeties

Online Lectures

Online lectures will be available a month prior to the live course and registrants will be notified via email with instructions on how to access them. It is strongly recommended that registrants view the online lectures before arriving at the live course.

CME for the online lectures will be provided with the live course participation. CME will not be provided for only viewing the online lectures. 

Physics, Optimization, and Tissue Differentiation 

Elena  J. Jelsing, MD  
Ergonomics, Manual Skills, and Image Optimization

Gary P. Chimes, MD, PhD 
Needle Tracking & Ultrasound Guided Injection Techniques

Ethan B. Colliver, DO
Shoulder: Normal Anatomy and Ultrasound Protocol

Luis Baerga-Varela, MD
Ultrasound Pediatric Applications in the Upper Limb
(Forearm, Hand)

Heakyung Kim, MD

Ultrasound Pediatric Applications in the Upper Limb
(Shoulder, Arm)

Heakyung Kim, MD
Ultrasound-guided Spasticity Management of the Upper Extremity

John S. Harrell, MD
Forearm, Wrist, and Hand: Anatomy and Ultrasound
Scott H. Homer, MD    
Ultrasound Peripheral Nerve Applications of the Upper Limb

Jeffrey A. Strakowski, MD
Ultrasound Peds/Spasticity Applications in the Lower Limb

Heakyung Kim, MD 
Ultrasound Nerve Applications in the Lower Limb

Jeffrey A. Strakowski, MD 
Hip: Normal Anatomy and Ultrasound Protocol

Kristopher R. Karvelas, MD 
Knee Normal Anatomy and Ultrasound Protocol Melinda S. Loveless, MD



Live Course Agenda
Tuesday, October 23

Registration and Breakfast

7 am-8 am 

Introduction, Overview, and Acknowledgements
Christopher J. Visco, MD, FAAPMR

8 am-8:15 am   
Tissues and Needles 
Samuel K. Chu, MD, FAAPMR

8:15 am-8:30 am 
Technical, Needle Tracking, and Manual Skills Lab
All Faculty

8:30 am-9:30 am 

9:30 am-9:45 am         
Shoulder Region Anatomy 
Chi-Tsai Tang, MD, FAAPMR 

9:45 am-10 am
Shoulder Scanning Lab (with Procedure Simulation) 
All Faculty

10 am-12 pm
Shoulder Clinical Applications and Pathology with Ultrasound
John C. Cianca, MD, FAAPMR

12 pm-12:20 pm
12:20 pm-12:30 pm        

Lunch Break

12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Forearm, Wrist and Hand Regional Anatomy
Mooyeon Oh-Park, MD, FAAPMR

1:30 pm-1:45 pm
Forearm, Wrist, Hand Scanning Lab (with Procedure Simulation Block) 
All Faculty

1:45 pm-3:45 pm

3:45 pm-4 pm
Forearm, Wrist, Hand Clinical Applications and Pathology with Ultrasound
Mooyeon Oh-Park, MD, FAAPMR

4 pm-4:20 pm
Spasticity Management Using Ultrasound
Heakyung Kim, MD, FAAPMR

4:20 pm-4:40 pm
Open Scanning Lab: Practice & Review
All Faculty
4:40 pm-5 pm

Live Course Agenda
Wednesday, October 24

Introduction, Overview, and Acknowledgements
Monica Rho, MD, FAAPMR

8 am-8:15 am   
Hip Region Anatomy
Kristopher R. Karvekas, MD, FAAPMR

8:15 am-8:40 am 
Hip Scanning Lab (with Procedure Simulation)
All Faculty

8:40 am-10:40 am 

10:40 am-11 am         
Hip "the Long View" with Selected Pathology on Ultrasound 
John C. Cianca, MD, FAAPMR 

11 am-11:30 am
Knee Regional Anatomy 
Melinda S. Loveless, MD, FAAPMR

11:30 am-11:50 am
11:50 am-12 pm        

Lunch Break

12 pm-1 pm

Knee Scanning Lab (with Procedure Simulation Block)
All Faculty

1 pm-3 pm
Knee Clinical Applications and Selected Pathology with Ultrasound 
Jeffrey A. Strakowski, MD, FAAPMR

3 pm-3:20 pm

3:20 pm-3:30 pm

3:30 pm-3:45 pm

Clinical Correlates: How the US Changes Your Clinical Care
Ashwin N. Babu, MD

3:45 pm-4:05 pm
4:25 pm-4:30 pm 
Open Scan--Review and Summary
All Faculty 
4:30 pm-5 pm 


Faculty and topics subject to change.