Annual Assembly

Annual Assembly Session Sneak Peek

The AAPM&R Annual Assembly is where your Academy gathers together, collaborates together, and advances together through education and networking with the brightest minds in physiatry. 

Ever wondered what some of the sessions are like? We've selected 4 informative sessions from #AAPMR2018 for you to watch for FREE! Plus, if you watch Physiatrists’ Role in Inclusive Health: Caring for Patients with Intellectual Disability, you can claim CME for the session. 


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You can also access 2 of the 2018 preconference courses: Regenerative Medicine: Promises and Challenges in the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Conditions and Nonclinical Career Options for Physiatrists

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Physiatrists’ Role in Inclusive Health: Caring for Patients with Intellectual Disability

As a key health influencer in the areas of health education, services, and delivery, AAPM&R was awarded an Inclusive Health Innovation grant by Special Olympics International (SOI) with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Golisano Foundation. Project activities demonstrate AAPM&R’s commitment to SOI’s Inclusive Health vision—by including people with ID in mainstream health policies, laws, programming, services, training programs, research, and funding streams, we can improve the health outcomes and reduce health care costs for people with ID.

During the 2018 Annual Assembly, the session Physiatrists’ Role in Inclusive Health: Caring for Patients with Intellectual Disability was offered as part of this grant to support delivering education on caring for people with intellectual disabilities. This session was designed to teach physiatrists about inclusive health and how they can incorporate patients with intellectual disability (ID) into their practice. This is an important topic, given that a lack of physician training is a known determinant of the health disparities experienced by people with ID. As a goal to spread this education, you can view the session in its entirety by clicking on the video below.

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Want more information? Check out this handout about physiatry and Inclusive Health. 

AAPMR's Qualified Clinical Data Registry Phase 2: Enhancing Clinical Spine Data Capture and Testing

In year 2 of existence, AAPM&R’s Registry is evolving from a basic quality reporting registry to Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) that follows patients longitudinally, with the long-term goal of demonstrating the quality and value of care physiatrists provide to their patients, including patient reported outcomes (PROs).  This session recording from the 2018 Annual Assembly features current participants in the registry providing tangible insight into their use of the registry and the value to their practices, including the onboarding process, data mapping, data capture and workflow changes. 

Advancing Physiatry's Future: Explore NEW Models of PM&R in the Acute and Post Acute Care Continuum

Based on the Visioning PM&R BOLD initiative insights from thousands of physiatrists, this session will present innovative opportunities for PM&R. Learn how the Academy is working with pioneering physiatrists to advance the vision for the specialty and explore specific opportunities within the Acute and Post-Acute Care continuum. If you’re working in or interested in working in these settings, listen to this session to prepare yourself for a BOLD and bright future.

Advancing Physiatry's Future: Explore NEW Models of MSK Care

Discovered through the insights of thousands of physiatrists in the Visioning PM&R BOLD initiative, explore new models of MSK Care. This introductory session will cover how the Academy is working to advance the vision for the specialty and specific opportunities within MSK Care. Hear from physiatrists who are working to advance exciting new practice models that align with the vision for the specialty, such as embedding physiatrists into primary care, multispecialty practices, and establishing comprehensive musculoskeletal, physiatrist-led practices. As an MSK physician, listen to this session to prepare for a BOLD and bright future.