Skills Labs and Live Demonstrations

Annual Assembly

Hands-On Skills Labs Led by Your Peers

Skills Labs are available once again in-person for 2021! These three-hour immersive educational experiences offer a blend of didactic and hands-on learning. Register early, as space is limited to 20 participants per lab!

Additional registration and fees apply.

Thursday, November 11 from 2-5 pm (CT)

1801. Sonographic Evaluation of the Thigh

  • Ryan C. Kruse, MD, FAAPMR

Friday, November 12

8-11 am (CT)

1803. Advanced Musculoskeletal Ultrasound of the Ankle/Foot

  • Jeimylo C. De Castro, MD, FAAPMR

1804. Abdominopelvic Pain: Clinical Evaluation with Complementary Ultrasonography and Intervention

  • Reina Nakamura, DO, FAAPMR

2-5 pm (CT)

1805. Ultrasound-Guided Extremity Nerve Blocks with Alcohol and Botulinum Toxin Injections in Head, Neck and Paraspinal Muscles for Spasticity Management

  • Yuxi Chen, MD, FAAPMR

1806. Best Evidence-Based Clinical Practices in Shoulder Pain – Combination of Physical Exam and Point of Care Ultrasound for Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Nimish Mittal, MD, MBBS, FAAPMR

Saturday, November 13

8-11 am (CT)

1807. Acute Ultrasound Skills for the Athletic Training Room

  • Michael Fredericson, MD, FAAPMR; Kevin M. Mullins, MD, FAAPMR

1808. Ultrasound Guidance for Chemodenervation for Forearm/Hand Muscles and Lower Limb Muscles and Nerves

  • Katharine E. Alter, MD, FAAPMR

2-5 pm (CT)

1809. Musculoskeletal X-Ray and MRI Interpretation: Shoulder and Knee

  • Julio Vazquez-Galliano, MD, FAAPMR; Deborah M. Pacik, MD, MPH, Mac

Resident Bootcamps

Attend these highly-rated, three-hour workshops to review clinical topics that our Physiatrist in Training (PHiT) Council Board have identified as areas of variable exposure in residency programs. Register early, as space is limited to 20 participants per bootcamp!

Additional registration and fees apply.

Thursday, November 11 from 2-5 pm (CT)

1802. Resident Bootcamp 1: Ultrasound – Reviewing Essential Nerve Examination Techniques and Common Joint Injection Views

  • Michael J. Del Busto, Jr., MD; Stephanie E. DeLuca, MD, MS

Saturday, November 13 from 2-5 pm (CT)

1810. Resident Bootcamp 2: Introduction to Upper Extremity Prosthetics / Lower Extremity Orthotics & Prosthetics

  • Alexander Ramirez, MD; Eric M. Stockwell, MD

Live Demos in the Learning Center

Step inside the Learning Center—located in the PM&R Pavilion—to experience additional education from AAPM&R and sponsoring companies. Through our live demonstration stations and "Center Stage," thought leaders will provide interactive education and technology demonstrations.

Advanced registration and additional fees are not required.

Thursday, November 11 from 2-5 pm (CT)

Ultrasonography for Common Entrapment Neuropathies of the Upper Extremity

  • Mohammed Emam, MD, MBChB, FAAPMR

Ulnar Neuropathies: Technical Issues, and Interpretation of Data, Including Prognosis, for Referring Providers

  • Faren H. Williams, MD, MS, FAAPMR

AAPM&R’s Registry Demonstrations: Clinical Dashboards and PRO Module

Friday, November 12

8-11 am (CT)

Use of Osteopathic Manual Medicine in Low Back Pain

  • Kristin E. Caldera, DO, FAAPMR

Ultrasound Guidance for Salivary Gland Botulinum Toxin Injections

  • Kristin E. Caldera, DO, FAAPMR

AAPM&R’s Registry Demonstrations: Clinical Dashboards and PR Module

2-5 pm (CT)

Beyond Musculoskeletal Ultrasound: Ultrasound Use Cases for Inpatient and Clinic Settings

  • Cliff A. Gronseth, MD, FAAPMR; Kyle D. Josephson, MD

Sideline Medicine: Assessment and Management of Acute Onfield Injuries

  • Timothy K. Tiu, MD, FAAPMR

ABPMR Live Demo: ABPMR Certification Dashboard

Saturday, November 13 from 8-11 am (CT)

3-Dimensional Printing of Durable Medical Equipment

  • Stephanie E. Rand, DO, FAAPMR

Point-of-Care Foot and Ankle Ultrasonography in Outpatient PM&R Clinic

  • Se Won Lee, MD, FAAPMR