#AAPMR23 Virtual Tote Bag

Annual Assembly



Hi, Team Physiatry! We want to make your 2023 Annual Assembly experience a great one.

To help you prepare for the Assembly and celebrate the specialty, download the items below:

Your Virtual Assembly Experience

Learn More About Your Academy

AAPM&R 2023 Business Meeting Materials 

Celebrate Physiatry TOGETHER

  • Physiatry Day – Ways to Advance the Specialty TOGETHER on #PhysiatryDay
  • Tag Us! – Remember to use these hashtags in all of your posts throughout the event: #AAPMR23#TeamPhysiatry and on Friday, November 17, #PhysiatryDay!

Understand How AAPM&R is Advocating for the Specialty

Why is AAPM&R Collecting Data for the Specialty?

Discover Educational Resources for All Physiatrists

View Career Services and Sponsored Materials

We're excited to connect with you during the 2023 Assembly, starting November 15. See you soon! 🎉