Specialized Curricula Projects





American Academy for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R) created curricula to provide general guidelines for training and written primarily for individuals involved in teaching residents and those in fellowship. The secondary audience for these curricula is for those that are out in practice and would like to benchmark their current knowledge, skills, and attitudes in specific content domain. The curricula were developed as an overview of competencies currently favored for the performance and training of PM&R and to serve as a guide to published references and educational resources available to the physiatrists. The curricula are meant to augment rather than supplants the role program and fellowship directors and faculty play in the training of physiatrists. By providing information about training benchmarks, AAPM&R hopes to improve the teaching and performance of physiatrists.

Through the PM&R BOLD Visioning process, several critical Graduate Medical Education (GME) issues have been identified that must be addressed to move this specialty forward to thrive in the future of healthcare. One of the main priorities for the Academy is to develop a process to re-align the content of GME training by setting standards for training that will advance the knowledge and skills of physiatrists to meet the needs of new the practice models coming out of PM&R BOLD and the future of physiatry in general.  The goal of this curriculum is to outline the specific knowledge, skills, and attitude that are needed to help physiatrists prepare to embrace, lead, and practice in the future practice environment of PM&R.


Musculoskeletal Curriculum

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Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine Curriculum

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