STEP Certificate Program


AAPM&R understands that participating in a certificate program requires your time and resources. To make the path toward a Certificate of Completion as flexible and seamless as possible, we offer you 2 options:

  1. A la carte: Register for program components as you go! This allows flexibility and spreads the expense over the time of participation. You will still need to complete the program steps in order as outlined. If you plan to participate a la carte, please contact info@aapmr.org to ensure you receive information to help navigate you through the program.
  2. As a package: Register for all program components at one time and save 15%! This option is the most economical and ensures you're on the proper pathway to successfully gaining your Certificate of Completion.

Have you already completed a Fundamentals/Introductory Ultrasound course from AAPM&R or another organization? 
You may be eligible for the "grandfathered package" of the STEP Certificate Program. Contact info@aapmr.org and we will pass along additional details.  

PLEASE NOTE: Grandfathering is no longer available to complete the program in 2018. Accepted grandfathered applicants will participate in the Step 2 - Next Step Interventional US course and Step 3 - Skills Assessment in 2019.