January 2020

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Get to Know the 2019-2020 PHiT Council Board Members 

As we enter into a new year, it is time to introduce your 2019-2020 Physiatrists in Training Council Board (PHiT)! Each member was asked their name, position on the board, residency or fellowship program, a fun fact about themselves, their PM&R interest and their plan for the upcoming board year.


Charles D. Kenyon, DO, MSCharles D. Kenyon, DO, MS
PHiT Board President
PGY3, University of Washington

Fun Fact: Sailed across the equator during undergrad while working on climate change research. Married with 2-year-old son and another baby on the way in March.

PM&R Interest: Sports Medicine, activity promotion and injury prevention for all ages and abilities.

Goal: This year’s Annual Assembly is aptly themed “Team Physiatry.“ We have an amazing group of leaders on the PHiT Council this year and I look forward to advancing our field and supporting our in-training membership in 2020!

Sharlene Su, MDSharlene Su, MD
Vice President
PGY4, Stanford University

Fun Fact: Worked at Google for 2 years prior to medical school. I also named the Maryland state cow in 2017! Winning name: Cowie Udderwood.

PM&R Interest: Matched into the pain program at Washington University in St. Louis, starting July 2020.

Goal: Looking forward to planning some great socials and icebreakers at our winter board meeting!

Genevieve C. Jacobs, DOGenevieve C. Jacobs, DO
PGY4, University of Louisville

Fun Fact: I worked on a llama farm growing up.

PM&R Interest: TBI/SCI/locum gigs.

Goal: Have engaging and interesting newsletter articles!


Justin Bishop, MD, MBA, MSJustin Bishop, MD, MBA, MS
Immediate Past-President
PGY4, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas

Fun Fact: I've worked on an offshore oil rig and was a marine biologist before medical school.

PM&R Interest: General Rehabilitation/Administration.

Goal: Be available for institutional memory, side help.

Scott Klass, MDScott Klass, MD
Medical Education Committee
PGY3, University of Miami

Fun Fact: Worked as an athletic trainer for 5 years prior to medical school. I also lived in Australia for a few years, so G’Day mates.

PM&R Interest: Sports Medicine.

Goal: Implementing educational initiatives and improving resident education resources and access.

Chaitanya Konda, DOChaitanya Konda, DO
Medical Education Committee
Peds Pain Fellow, Cincinnati Children’s

Fun Fact: Formerly a health care actuary before going into medicine (super exciting).

Goal: Looking for a JOB. This is the first year I feel like I was able to participate and contribute to

AAPM&R. I have some ideas for pain education, but want to understand the board’s current goals first.

Camille Guzel, MDCamille Guzel, MD
Quality, Practice, Policy and Research Committee
PGY2, Northwestern Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Fun Fact: Duke varsity fencer! (Epee) 🤺

PM&R Interest: General Rehabilitation with a soft spot for LVAD and Geriatrics. Hospital strategy and operations.

Goal: Excited to nerd out about payments and policy, applying my background in management consulting and help make it relevant for physiatrists in training.

Simra Javaid, DOSimra Javaid, DO
Quality, Practice, Policy and Research Committee
Pediatric Rehab Fellow, UTSW (technically PGY5)

Fun Fact: I have a favorite French toast place in pretty much every city I’ve visited.

PM&R Interest: I enjoy almost every aspect of Pediatric PM&R.

Goal: I don’t have any specific plans for my board position as of yet, but I’m looking forward to working with everyone!  

Joseph Benert, MDJoseph Benert, MD

Specialty Brand Expansion Committee
PGY2 University of Minnesota

Fun Fact: A clip of me getting scored on was #4 on SportsCenter’s Top 10.

PM&R Interest: Pediatrics/Sports Medicine, with a focus on concussion.

Goal: I’m hoping to bring perspective of an early resident/semi-recent medical student to the discussion as our subcommittee creates its plan.

Rosa Pasculli, MDRosa Pasculli, MD, MBA
Inclusion and Engagement Committee
PGY3, NYU Rusk Rehabilitation

Fun Fact: I’m a certified personal trainer and used to teach group fitness classes before residency. 🏋🏽‍♀

PM&R Interest: Sports Medicine and acupuncture.

Goal: No specific plans yet for my board position. I’m excited for our orientation call and to start brainstorming how to engage new groups within the AAPM&R community. 😊

Bonny Wong, MDBonny Wong, MD
Membership Committee
Brain Injury Fellow, Spaulding 🧠

Fun Fact: Competed all over the world in taekwondo and was once ranked in the world 🥋 during college in my former life. 😁

Goal: Excited to be more involved in AAPM&R this year and really focusing on how to develop more programs geared toward early-career physiatrists.

Alexandra Fogarty, MD Alexandra Fogarty, MD

Membership Committee
PGY2, Washington University in St Louis

Fun Fact: Former alpine ski racer who grew up chasing snow and traveling the world to find it - even in the summer!❄

PM&R Interest: I’m interested in chronic pain management and research, but still exploring all PM&R has to offer.

Goal: Looking forward to working on Physiatry Day 2020, among other projects!

Julie E. Witkowski, MDJulie E. Witkowski, MD
AMA Delegate to the Resident Physician Section
AMA Alternate Delegate to the AMA House of Delegates
PGY4, Mayo Clinic

Fun Fact: I was a competitive baton twirler for 6 years as a child.

PM&R Interest: General Rehabilitation/Administration/Education.

Goal: To provide a resident physician voice in the formation of medical legislation and share the knowledge and experience I gain with my colleagues.

Kevin Cipriano, MDKevin Cipriano, MD
Residency Program Liaison
PGY2, Georgetown/Medstar-NRH

Fun Fact: Probably one of the youngest people with a NY Times crossword subscription.

PM&R Interest: I'm really interested in Sports Medicine and sideline medical coverage.

Goal: I hope to be able to connect our already tight-knit specialty even further and disseminate easy-to-access information to all the programs across the country.


Rohit Nalamasu, DORohit Nalamasu, DO
Nominating Committee
PGY3, University of Nebraska

Fun Fact: I collect Starbucks mugs from every place I’ve visited, which I’m convinced makes me more basic than I care to admit.

PM&R Interest: I love tech, especially its integration into our field and subspecialties.

Goal: I hope to help make an impact and do my best to choose those with a passion for the field.

Shane Davis, MDShane Davis, MD
Nominating Committee
PGY3 UC Irvine

Fun Fact: I played college basketball.

PMA&R Interest: Interested in Sports Medicine.

Goal: Still brainstorming ideas. Happy to help with anything though.