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Evidence-Based Practice Committee Meeting Recap - January 29-30, 2016

Feb 08, 2016

The Evidence-Based Practice Committee, which is made up of three sub-committees (Evidence, Clinical Practice Guidelines, and Performance Metrics) met for an in-person meeting at Academy headquarters on January 29-30. 

To open the meeting, each Committee Chair provided a brief overview of what his/her Committee was working on, which was followed by an educational session from Hart Health Services on the “nuts and bolts” of MACRA and its potential implications for physiatry.

Along with the opportunity for these different Committees to come together, the event provided a forum to discuss:

  • the need for Evidence-Based Medicine training,
  • what’s going on in the physiatrist’s world,
  • and how the Academy can best assist its members in meeting rapidly-evolving health care challenges. 

Spirited discussions took place in both large and small group settings; with many new ideas being generated, along with the need for each Committee to have a unified focus and to tie their activities back to the Academy’s overall mission.