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FREE Webinar: 2016 PQRS for PM&R Providers - May 12

Apr 14, 2016

Join us for the free "Prevent Medicare Penalties: 2016 PQRS for PM&R Providers" webinar on May 12 at 12 - 1:30 pm CT! 

Learn the answers to these PQRS FAQ's:

  • Do I have to participate in PQRS?
  • What makes me an eligible provider? 
  • How should I report PQRS to Medicare in 2016? I reported by claims last year but am I required to stay with that method?
  • Where can I go to check my reporting progress?
  • How does ICD-10 affect PQRS?
  • What if I don't find 9 individual measures to report via claims? Will I have the 2018 penalty applied?
  • What does performance rate mean? And how does CMS calculate it?
  • Do I have to re-enroll in GPRO every year through CMS?
  • What is the QRUR report? Where do I find mine? What does it mean?

Host Marvel J. Hammer RN, BS, CPC, CCS-P, ACS-PM, CPCO is an accomplished professional with considerable years of experience both in the business and medical fields. She is a coding, billing and compliance consultant, as well as an AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM trainer, and enjoys teaching providers and their staff correct coding and billing. Her field of specialties includes ICD-10-CM, Pain Management, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Neurology, Addiction Medicine and Occupational Medicine. 

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