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Insights from the Academic Virtual Town Hall

Aug 18, 2016

On August 17, we invited those who train and influence the future of physiatry to gather during an Academic Physiatrist Virtual Town Hall. The group discussed the specific challenges for the academic settings as well as the opportunities they see for the future of physiatry.  

Echoing the recent Resident Virtual Town Hall, academic physiatrists discussed the increasing trend for residents to enter a large system practice. Additionally, they identified the pressure to gather data that has been created by the need to quantify value in new health care systems.

When discussing opportunities for the field, the idea of alignment as innovation was discussed. As examples, members mentioned alignment with hospitalists and strengthened alignment with neurologists for increased involvement in stroke care. Physicians also discussed opportunities that are growing across the entire Post-Acute Care spectrum.

When looking at the barriers to succeed with new opportunities, our discussion centered on the academic shifts needed. Dialogue started with the need to balance residents’ training with more settings outside of the hospital in-patient environment. We also discussed how to educate residents on the full scope of physiatric care without too much emphasis on any single sub-specialization. As we look toward a bold future of physiatry, these barriers will need to be addressed.

Academic physiatrists – did you miss this conversation? Join an upcoming virtual town hall or start a discussion regarding opportunities in the All Member Community.


AAPM&R is hosting Virtual Town Halls as a form of qualitative research supporting the overall goals of the Visioning PM&R Bold initiative. Additional Virtual Town Halls will be announced soon. Make sure to register and Talk PM&R Bold as we discuss big ideas and opportunities for the future of PM&R.