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Insights from the Pediatric Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities Virtual Town Hall

Aug 24, 2016

On August 23, pediatric rehabilitation and developmental disabilities physicians gathered during a Virtual Town Hall hosted by the Pediatric Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities Member Council Leader, Joline Brandenburg, MD.

We began discussing trends, and participants noted how productivity expectations can be a challenge. However, participants noted that the move away from fee-for-service and procedure-based reimbursement may be supportive for physiatrists overall in that sense. Other trends included the increased number of international referrals and increased scrutiny of prescriptions for equipment and need for appeals denials.

Looking at opportunities, the group discussed the value of e-consults and telemedicine for team coordination and patient care (specifically related to pre-surgical planning or follow-up visits). When polled, 70% of participants said they are currently using or exploring the use of e-consults and telemedicine in their practice.

Additional opportunities included managing transitions as pediatric patients move into adulthood, and becoming involved with trauma physicians and surgeons, especially for prehabilitation programs and consults. Many examples discussed were the result of networking with local hospitals and institutions without PM&R departments, and with other practitioners who are unaware of the value PM&R can bring. 

Pediatric rehabilitation and developmental disabilities physiatrists – did you miss this conversation? Join an upcoming virtual town hall or start a discussion regarding opportunities in the Pediatric Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities Member Council Community.


AAPM&R is hosting Virtual Town Halls as a form of qualitative research supporting the overall goals of the Visioning PM&R Bold initiative. Additional Virtual Town Halls will be announced soon. Make sure to register and Talk PM&R Bold as we discuss big ideas and opportunities for the future of PM&R.