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Find Out if You Need to Participate in MIPS

May 05, 2017

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has launched a tool to look up if you need to participate in MIPS. 

To check if you need to submit data to MIPS, enter your 10-digit National Provider Identifier (NPI) number.

If you're exempt from MIPS with the first review, you won't need to do anything else for MIPS this year. If you are included in MIPS, you may be exempt with the second review of eligibility determinations at the end of 2017. Learn more about MIPS eligibility.

Participating in an Alternative Payment Model (APM)? Talk to your Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) team or leaders managing your participation. If you need help finding this information, please email or call 1-866-288-8292