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AAPM&R Members in the News: June 2017

Jun 28, 2017
  • Robert B. Goldberg, DO, FAAPMR, director of strategic medical initiatives for the Touro College and University System, was elected to the AMA Council on Medical Education.
  • Howard Liss, MD, FAAPMR, physiatrist and co-founder of The PM&R Center, and an attending physician at both Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Englewood Hospital, is opening his own private practice in Englewood and Fort Lee. Read more.
  • Charles Markowitz, MD, JD, FAAPMR, medical director of rehabilitation at Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus, is the first physiatrist to have ever received the Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus Foundation's annual Humanitarian Award. Read more.
  • Mallikarjun Nallegowda, MBBS, MD, DNB, MNAMS, FAAPMR, physiatrist at Parkview Medical Center in Colorado, is said to be the first doctor to notice and write about a rare congenital disorder, whose characteristics are missing hand bones, absence of a thumb, presence of 2 urethras, increased distance between the eyes, and an unusual location of kidney and heart. This rare condition is set to be named after him and will be called Nallegowda Syndrome. Read more.
  • Alexius Enrique G. Sandoval, MD, FAAPMR, medical director of the Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Program at Johns Hopkins Medicine, discusses the different types of spasticity and ways to manage it. Read more.
  • Jaipal S. Sidhu, MD, FAAPMR, physiatrist at Physical Medicine Rehab Clinics in Fresno, CA, was recently recognized as a 2017 "Top Doctor." Read more.

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