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November Coding Q&A

Nov 27, 2017

Got coding questions? Your Academy has the answers. Each month we feature a member’s question with an answer provided by AAPM&R’s Reimbursement and Policy Review Committee (RPRC).

Q: If I am providing injections on multiple body areas using ultrasound guidance (CPT code 76942), can I bill multiple units of the ultrasound guidance code?

A: No. Ultrasound guidance can only be billed once per day per patient, regardless of the number of limbs or areas. It is important to remember that ultrasound guidance is bundled into the joint injection codes (20611, 20606, 20604) and the ultrasound guidance code 76942 would not be billed separately. For additional information on when it is appropriate to bill separately for ultrasound guidance, please see the May 2017 edition of Coding Q&A.  

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Accurate coding is the responsibility of the provider. This article is intended only as a resource to assist in the billing process.