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New Research: Acupuncture May Reduce Joint Pain in Breast Cancer Patients

Dec 08, 2017

Originally published in the American Medical Association's newsletter, AMA Morning Rounds®

"Acupuncture may reduce joint pain in breast cancer patients prescribed aromatase inhibitors, research suggests"

TIME (12/7, MacMillan) reports that research “suggests that acupuncture may reduce drug-related joint pain” in breast cancer patients “prescribed aromatase inhibitors.” The findings were presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

HealthDay (12/7, Preidt) reports that investigators “tracked outcomes for 226 postmenopausal women with early stage breast cancer who were taking...aromatase inhibitors.”

MedPage Today (12/7, Smith) reports that the researchers “found that reported pain was significantly better for those getting true acupuncture, compared with either sham or no acupuncture, but there was no difference between those getting sham or no acupuncture.”