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AAPM&R Partners with the American Medical Association on the “Share Your Story” Campaign to End the Opioid Epidemic

May 11, 2018

Your Academy is proud to partner with the American Medical Association on the “Share Your Story” campaign, launched via the End the Epidemic microsite. As part of our commitment to end the nation’s opioid epidemic AAPM&R is working with the AMA and other partners to share information, provide state and specialty specific training for evidence-based treatment programs, and promote resources for physicians to get the education and training they need to help end the opioid epidemic.

The Share Your Story Campaign was created to express to payers and legislators that increased access to comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for pain, as well as enhanced access to high quality, evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders, is needed to help end the opioid epidemic. The campaign provides all physicians with the opportunity to share how they are responding to the nation’s epidemic. It also provides physicians the opportunity to share what administrative barriers (e.g. prior authorization, step therapy) they have experienced in practice when trying to provide multidisciplinary and/or multimodal pain care or comprehensive treatment for a substance use disorder.

We need your help to tell us how the epidemic has impacted your practice and your patients. When you select Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as your specialty, AMA will share your stories and real-life examples with the Academy, that can also be used in our own advocacy efforts.

CLICK HERE to share your story now!

Learn more about the Academy's Pain Management initiatives and visit our dedicated page on the End the Opioid Epidemic website.